Grep Pocket Reference (Pocket Reference (O'Reilly)) · Read more · Python Pocket Reference: Python in Your Pocket (Pocket Reference (O'Reilly). PHP provides functions that can be used to create Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files on the fly. See for the required pdflib. The PHP Pocket Reference is a handy quick reference for PHP, an open-source, HTML-embedded scripting language that can be This small book acts both as a perfect tutorial for learning the basics of PHP syntax and as PDF Functions .

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Media, Inc. PHP Cookbook, the image of a Galapagos land iguana, and A quick reference that attempts to be a comprehensive source of. a database such as MySQL or Oracle, draw graphs, create PDF files, and parse XML . A handy quick reference to all core functions in PHP. ://www.

Now grab the download and download a printed copy of the book. Thanks for creating a prefect book for programmers.

Perfect for experienced programmers using a new language — all you want is a good reference with examples. Just great! Thanks for taking the time out to make this book available.

A gold mine of information at your finger tips. Excellent for the beginner especially when being used with a good tutorial.

Happy Days!! Really a great book to read and gives very good understanding for beginners to develop Sites and really good for students as well thank you for thinking about us. A gold mine of information at your flinger tips.

Hi, thank you for the free pdf download of your book. Want to say i looked at the PDF version back several months ago, and as soon as i glanced at it iwas amazed. Being new to PHP at the time this book came in great hand. Along the way, you will learn how to profile your PHP scripts with Blackfire.

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After reading this book, you will know how to boost the performance of any Web application and make it part of what has come to be known as the Faster Web. Web designers will learn how to use these technologies together and pick up valuable web programming practices along the way—including how to optimize websites for mobile devices.

At the end of the book, you'll put everything together to build a fully functional social networking site suitable for both desktop and mobile browsers.

PHP mySQL, JavaScript, and other web-building languages serve as the foundation for application development and programming projects at all levels of the web.

Dig into this all-in-one book to get a grasp on these in-demand skills, and figure out how to apply them to become a professional web builder. Helps you grasp the technologies that power web applications; Covers PHP version 7. This book is ideal for the inexperienced programmer interested in adding these skills to their toolbox.

New coders who've made it through an online course or boot camp will also fin This book closely follows the ZCEPHP exam syllabus and adds important details that help candidates to prepare for the test.

Zend Certification is an industry recognized standard for PHP engineers.

It is very difficult to pass the examination without extensive preparation. Unlike other books on PHP this book is very focused on reaching industry standards.

The Zend examination syllabus is comprised of three focus areas and a number of additional topics. From theme: Programming Microservices for Java Developers: Functional Programming http: The Legend http: A Manifesto http: Foundational Principles for Enterprise Adoption http: A Brain-Friendly Report http: Digital Banking for Everyone http: Modern Techniques for Accelerated Development http: Ten Coding Guidelines in Practice http: Growing Despite Barriers http: Standard Principles and Requirements http: Service-Oriented Architecture http: Design Principles for Distributed Systems http: Iot Ambient Computing http: The Implications http: Startups http: How to Get Executive download-In http:So there you go.

After reading this book, you will know how to boost the performance of any Web application and make it part of what has come to be known as the Faster Web. This is really helpful to me as I am getting a free version of this book.

Instead, you create them once and use the shortcuts when you need them. Our Sponsors Rock!