Vol. 1 The Birth of Britain A rousing account of the early history of Britain, the work describes the great men and women of the past and their. It is only now when things have quietened down that I present to the public a HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH-SPEAKING PEOPLES. If there was need for it before. Editorial Reviews. Book Description. In the first volume of his majestic history of the English-speaking peoples, Sir Winston S. Churchill chronicles the birth of.

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A history of the English-speaking peoples by Winston S. Churchill; 50 editions; First published in ; Subjects: History, Juvenile literature. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 10, , Sophia Sommer and others published DOWNLOAD [PDF] A History of the English-Speaking. A History of the English-Speaking Peoples. I. The Birth of. Britain by Sir Winston Churchill (review). B. Wilkinson. The Canadian Historical Review, Volume

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A History of the English Speaking Peoples, 4 Vols

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About A History of the English-Speaking Peoples Volume I

The island race , Cassell. History of the English speaking peoples: Heroes of history , Cassell.

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Heroes of history , McClelland and Stewart. Churchill's history of the English-speaking peoples , Pocket Books. The island race , Reprint Society. In 3 years-time the work was finished when the supervisory committee then reviewed the final draft version — 12 persons on this committee completed the task within 9 months-time.

This is truly King James I lasting legacy — a thorough, complete, and unbiased edition in English of the Holy Scriptures. At this juncture it has become clear that the mixture of Church and State was a mixture that everyone knew at the time was lethal; however, the anger of Parliament attempting to create the crown as a figure head is all too apparent.

When the South Sea Company fails the previous greed of Members of the House of Commons and of their peers are among the many ruined; greed and fear then as now knows no boundaries of moral compass directions. Others committed suicide, some were sought by pitch fork and the Post-Master General took poison. In Volume III we enter into the unrest to the 13 Colonies; unrest that had previously lay within embers smoldering until site had been placed to the stove.

The Revolution of and later a war with Spain had forced a different focus upon Britain an ocean away.

All the while, it was apparent that Colonists in America were learning how to thrive in a vast untamed wilderness with Native Americans or First Nation civilizations.

It is a rather fascinating read to see the interpretations of Sir WSC. He gives credit where it is due of course; however, he introduces us to the concerns of the Parliament and King George III. Moving from the American Revolution the entrance of the French Revolution is no less important.

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The impact of the French Revolution on the European Continent was in reflection for the English the same sort of situation with their own Revolution of The differences between the two essentially were the foundations of reason and the structure within the political bodies which remained for the citizens of each nation.

For the likes of Robespierre there is no comparison to the English version of Cromwell. Specifically, Burke states that the convulsion in France was not a dignified, orderly change, carried out with due regard for tradition, like the English Revolution of Onewouldhavethought thatthespiritoftheage, aswell asof the outstanding individuals, wouldhaveappealedirresistibly to thegreatmodern Crusader; but,rightlyor wrongly, SirWinston's antipathies are too strong.

How can one define what is "worthy" of being written up as history, really?

Butanhour's discourse onsuchanimmense subject hastobehighlyselective. He starts with Britain in Roman times and tells the story all the way to the death of Queen Victoria, covering Great Britain, American, What a marvelous work these volumes are.

The masterpiece of Sir Winston S. If one wants to know how your average peasant was doing, it's worthless. Sir WSC breaks for a spell — but maintains a link to the History of English Speaking Peoples by providing occasional references to what other matters are going on globally at the time.

A History of the English Speaking Peoples, 4 Vols

Another phase looms before us, in which the alliance will once more be tested and in which its formidable virtues may be to preserve Peace and Freedom. Nor should we now seek to define precisely the exact terms of the ultimate union.

While this new era was spawning the beginnings of modern America, England was engaged in a bloody civil war and sustained a Republican experiment under the leadership of Oliver Cromwell.