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Eaters of the Dead book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. En l'an , Ibn Fadlan, envoyé du calife auprès des peuplade. edition cover. Title: Eaters of the dead. Contributors: Michael Crichton, Published: ISBN: See this edition on Google Books. edition cover. You can easily download Eaters of the Dead Pdf, Eaters of the Dead Pdf by Pages: eBook pages can be different.

May 14, Pages download. May 01, Pages. May 14, Pages. It is A. The refined Arab courtier Ibn Fadlan is accompanying a party of Viking warriors back to the north. Fadlan belatedly discovers that his job is to combat the terrors in the night that come to slaughter the Vikings—but just how he will do it, Fadlan has no idea….

The refined Arab courtier Ibn Fadlan is accompanying a party of Viking warriors back to their home. He is appalled by their customs—the gratuitous sexuality of their women, their disregard for cleanliness, and their cold-blooded sacrifices.

Eaters of the Dead

But just how he will do it, Fadlan has no idea. Join Reader Rewards and earn your way to a free book! The argument escalated until Crichton stated that he would prove to him that the story could be interesting if presented in the correct way. Lovecraft fame is quoted in the in-character bibliography. Reception[ edit ] The critic from the New York Times called it "diverting but disappointing".

Crichton himself did some uncredited directing for a reshoot after Disney fired McTiernan for various reasons, one of which was going far over budget. Antonio Banderas played Ibn Fadlan. New York: Harper, Subsequently, he set out on a mission to prove his point. Motherfucking Vikings?

Check I really want to watch this show!! This book was a lot different than his usual stuff that I have read, but still really enjoyable. Thanks Sarah! I'd been wanting to read this book ever since I found out the movie The 13th Warrior was based on it.

I'm a fan of historical fiction and thought this would be right up my alley. It was a decent read, shorter than I expected and better than the movie.

I love the blending at the start of real excerpts from an historical document with the fiction of Beowulf. It was short though and could have used a bit more depth to the characters and the various cultures. You didn't really care about any of the I'd been wanting to read this book ever since I found out the movie The 13th Warrior was based on it.

You didn't really care about any of the characters and the fighting and battles was over too quick.

An airport thriller, this book is just something to eat some time without making you want to burn it later. Jul 04, Billy rated it really liked it. Very well done if you understand Crichton's purpose This is a retelling of Beowulf, in a first person, narrative, entertaining form.

The narrator, Ibn Fadlan, is an actual Muslim writer from the 10th century. The first 3 chapters of this book are actually from his original narrative.

Crichton then moves from there in to the fictional portion, using Fadlan as a first hand obse Very well done if you understand Crichton's purpose Crichton then moves from there in to the fictional portion, using Fadlan as a first hand observer of the events surrounding the Beowulf story. Considering how dreadful Beowulf was admittedly mainly due to barriers of time, language and perception of what is entertaining , Crichton has accomplished a very difficult task.

He has rewritten a very long, very boring epic and made it concise, easy to digest and entertaining. I hated Beowulf; I found it to be dreadful, boring and longwinded. This is a wonderful retelling of the story. I highly recommend that any lover of historical fiction read this book.

If you are a fan of Crichton's more mainstream work i.

Jurassic Park, Andromeda Strain, etc. The closest novel of Crichton's that I could compare this to would be Timeline and even that is a stretch because Timeline involved Sci-Fi type elements where this is strictly a narrative from the 10th century.

I heartily enjoyed this and was only put off by the ending which just ended. Seriously, be prepared because there is no ending. The book just stops and moves on with an appendix, a historical note and a bibliography.

That was a bit annoying. I don't remember if Beowulf did the same. Still, very well done, very entertaining and very good historical fiction. The hammer of the gods will drive our ships to new lands, To fight the horde, singing and crying: Valhalla, I am coming! The idea for the book came after Crichton heard his pal giving a lecture including Beowulf as among the Bores of Literature.

Crichton notes in an appendix that the book is based partly on the Beowulf myth. The full name of this novel was Eaters of the Dead: After being made into a movie under the title, The 13th Warrior , the book was republished for a time under that name. The book is basically told as a edited translation of the account written by Ibn Fadlan, a Persian ambassador conscripted by a group of Vikings probably from Sweden as the 13th warrior in a hero's quest to save a northern kingdom from a group of "mist monsters" called "wendol," a group of vicious savages, perhaps surviving Neanderthals, who wear bear skins in battle.

After battling with the wendol probably based, in part, on Grendel , they must fight Grendel's mother: I was somewhat disappointed by the lethargic lulls and the story's underdevelopment.

On the other hand, the action sequences were quite thrilling. As usual, Crichton's research was impeccable and provided an education on the Vikings and a more modernized account of Beowulf. If you enjoyed Beowulf or you're a Viking connoisseur, you should like this. Dec 04, Sheila rated it it was amazing. So I was watching E. Benton and expressed condolences for the late Michael Chriton. He's dead?

I just sat there and cried. This man takes science and makes it accessible and plausable. If you were to take any of his plots, lets say Jurasic Park, and just look at it; you would at first think "Dino's coming back to earth. Yes, it is absurd in a science fiction kind of way. Ca So I was watching E.

Can this actually happen? Not only are you being entertained by Dino DNA, but you are kind of learning somthing. He explains things in "Regular Joe" language. Next thing you discover is that the secret to the universe is 3.

Check out his bio. The man was smart and hung out with smart people. Eaters of the Dead was not his original story. I believe it was based on some ancient Arabian warrior's tale.

See "The 13th Warrior" really violent with Antonio Banderas.

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That's the other thing about Chriton. He wasn't afraid to expand on other peoples ideas and experiences. He gave a voice to the "smarty pants" community and actually made it cool to like Pi. He will be sorely missed.

Nov 14, Jennifer rated it liked it. From a kind of historical perspective this is pretty interesting. From a reading standpoint, it was a bit boring. Maybe it is the writing style. I am not sure. But I can say, the movie adaptation is fun. I just don't really have a lot to offer here.

It is not a terrible book, but it is not the most awesome read of the year. I am glad to have read it. Just meh. Jan 18, Arun Divakar rated it liked it. In a time when history was an infant, any traveller from a far off land would have been treated a curiosity. To imagine Marco Polo or Ibn Battuta at a place I know of in a time far ago would have been a most amusing thing. This story speaks of one such seemingly unnatural pairing: In a time when Baghdad was a shining gem, the Arabs were sophisticated and erudite.

They were travellers, warriors, traders and poets and this was built on the intensely fertile int In a time when history was an infant, any traveller from a far off land would have been treated a curiosity.

They were travellers, warriors, traders and poets and this was built on the intensely fertile intellectual landscape that the country nurtured. On the other hand, the Scandinavians were primarily a war like group. While they attained great highs in culture, literature and the arts they were treated for a long time as barbarians.

This was partly thanks to the adventures of the sea faring Vikings. An Arab among the Vikings would have been a peacock in the land of penguins and it is exactly one such scenario that Crichton uses here.

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Do not let my earlier paragraph fool you for this is no cultural study. Right from the onset of the tale, it is abundantly clear that this is a light read in the vein of a historic action thriller. Crichton relies on the travels of a man Ibn-Fadlan into the lands of the Vikings and mixes into it the soul of Beowulf.

What comes out is a small but swift story of sword fights and a hero-quest. I quite liked the rather crazy idea that there might be still a small tribe of feral and cannibalistic band of primitives in the last outposts of humanity who can wreak havoc in the psyches of a yet evolving culture.

The mist monsters that Crichton conjures up here were to me equal parts Grendel and humanity's fear of the unknown. There is also the fact that the narrator Ibn-Fadlan is a very prosaic and pragmatic narrator and at times his exploits read more like a trade agreement than a dramatic rendition of a bloody conflict. Such a dry-as-dust style in fact works to the benefit of the story and was quite enjoyable.

On the flip side, there is hardly any character development. When the story finishes you don't even know an inch more of the characters than when you began reading. The author speaks of the antagonists, the Wendol as something equalling the ancestors of man and yet they fight on horseback and a convincing argument about their cannibalism is not given out.

They are left to us the readers as an enigma and not a fully explored force of primeval terror. All factors considered it is a decent enough thriller and at the hands of someone like Crichton, the pace is fast enough to deliver a good read. View all 4 comments. Aug 06, Greg rated it it was ok Shelves: Anyway, had a flashback to "Eaters of the Dead" which at the time I thought was Crichton's weakest work.

However, I just read a number of reviews, and I recently read the latest translation of "Beowulf": Dec 02, Asghar Abbas rated it really liked it. Adventurous, very Arabian Nights vibe. No taunting and no one called anyone an apostate or an extremist. Take heed. Jan 27, Jakk Makk rated it did not like it Shelves: I liked the movie, and I like Crichton, but this structure isn't for me. Seems a bit self-indulgent. Shouldn't the story be the focus? Twenty pages of fake-real historical placement?

Then just massive fast forwards? View 1 comment. This was a really interesting story by Michael Crichton focusing on the history of Vikings and their Gods. Odin made an appearance with his ravens on each shoulder.

He did a really good job of making the Vikings come to life. The film The 13th Warrior was, as I'm sure you are aware, absolutely superb.Eaters of the Dead by Michael Crichton Jan 01, The tone might turn some readers off: Hours of Play: It seems often shelved by people as fantasy, but it is not.

Click the Internet Zone. Subsequently, he set out on a mission to prove his point. I personally found it fascinating, just like discovering an ancient manuscript that gives you a glimpse of a world long gone.

Read it Forward Read it first. And then, sadly, it s eBook availability is nil for NZ wtf??? As per Ibn Fadlan's eyewitness account, Vikings are extremely dirty and barbarous bunch, even according to 10th century standards.