Dec 17, Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire The Masquerade is a new edition of a Note: This digital edition includes the PDF and EPUB versions of the. White Wolf, Inc. Mind's Eye Theatre and Laws of the Night are trade- marks of Masquerade describes the dark, compelling world in which your vampire exists. White Wolf, Vampire, World of Darkness, Vampire: the Masquerade,. Mind's Eye Theatre, Mage: the Ascension, Werewolf: the Apocalypse, and Changeling: the.

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Vampire: The Masquerade (VTM) is a roleplaying game, in which everyone cooperates to tell stories in a shared The free Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire The Masquerade Quick-Start Guide can get you going. Get your free download here. Mind's Eye Theatre player perceives will depend on the characters around him, the . people are creating entire cities of vampires, from the prince workers, foremen, engineers, contractors, construction workers and manual laborers. Cost. Vampire: The Requiem inspired by Vampire: The Masquerade Mind's Eye Theatre, Requiem, Werewolf the Forsaken, Forsaken, Mage the Awakening, and .

Live Action Role Playing. By Night Studios. Pay What You Want. See all titles. Publisher Website. Follow Your Favorites! Sign in to get custom notifications of new products! Format Publisher PDF. Start Over. Newest Titles in This Section.

Need help? Customer Questions FAQ. Storytellers Vault Creator Questions? Contact us. My Library. Affiliate System. Create Content for your Favorite Games. About Us. Privacy Policy. Our Latest Newsletter. Once the first action is resolved, the Storyteller determines initiative.

If your character is Wits-focused, actions in order, based on the characters initiative within you can attack with your Mental attribute instead of the round. Play proceeds in initiative order, from highest to your Physical attribute when making a ranged attack. By default, successful firearms attacks inflict 2 points of damage. Once everyone has taken their actions, a new round begins. Once all rounds have been resolved, a new turn begins. Remember Biting that a character can only take Physical actions during Celerity A vampire can extend her fangs and use her standard action rounds.

You may move, attack, or activate a Physical power, but to bite a grappled opponent, choosing either to draw blood you cannot engage in Mental or Social challenges. It is not possible to feed and bite for damage at the same time. Biting for Surprise Action damage converts a characters normal brawling damage If your character is the first to start a combat, you may take into aggravated damage. Biting to feed does no damage to one action simple or standard outside the initiative order.

Your remaining used to feed. Drawing blood in this manner harms mortals, action resolves normally, on your initiative. Delaying Your Action You might want to take your actions after another character Combat Maneuvers acts, or only if a certain condition occurs.

When you choose A combat maneuver is a fighting move that can give you a brief to delay your actions, you may act at any point later in the edge against your opponent. When you want to do something initiative order of that round. If you delay your initiative tricky or launch an attack that does more than inflict damage, until another characters natural initiative, the individual you must use a combat maneuver. To use a combat maneuver, acting on her natural initiative resolves her actions first.

If you must declare which maneuver youre using and spend a two or more characters delay their actions until the same point of Willpower before the test is made. A character can moment in a round, the character with the highest initiative only activate a single combat maneuver per round.

If you choose not to take any actions in a given spending Willpower: Disarm, Grapple, or Pierce the round, your initiative is increased by 5 on the next round Heart.

You only gain this bonus if you forgo both of your actions. This bonus is not cumulative. Complex scenarios allow for a number of different Physical attack types. Physical attacks can also be augmented with Most Social and Mental actions cant benefit from combat combat maneuvers: The list of combat advantages, but require the expenditure of Willpower to use. Unarmed Attack: Reduce your attack test pool by 2 when using point of damage.

To inflict an unarmed attack, you need this maneuver. Force your target to drop one item. If to be within two steps of your target. Melee Attack: Successful melee attacks inflict 1 point of damage. Reduce your damage by 3 when using this two steps of your target.

While grappled, a target cannot take steps, or take Physical actions. A target can escape a grapple Thrown Attack: Successful thrown attacks inflict 1 point by using her simple action to make an opposed Brawl or of damage. To inflict a thrown attack, you need to be Melee challenge against the grappler, and winning that within 10 steps of your target.

Draw one weapon or other small item might not know which one, unless they have the appropriate without using a simple action. Use this maneuver to attack an to guess which one, if she has the appropriate knowledge or opponent you cannot see. Otherwise, your attack will experience. If the source of a supernatural power isnt within automatically miss. Reduce your attack pool by 3 when using this maneuver.

If your opponents wounds are in the Incapacitated wound track normally the last Maximum Attacks Per Round 3 health levels , you may use this attack to Pierce her As noted previously, combat turns are broken down into Heart. Mortals are instantly killed. Vampires who have individual rounds, beginning with an Everyman round and their hearts pierced with a weapon that has the staking continuing through each Celerity round until all character quality fall into torpor until the stake is removed.

For example, if you fail while One Social attack attempting to use Entrancement, the bouncer you targeted will feel a brief chill and think that youre a bit weird.

A One Mental attack mortal who understands vampires like a ghoul or a hunter would realize that you tried to use a supernatural power, but Up to two Physical attacks. Willpower spent to stay awake cannot be regained until after the sun sets. A vampire exposed to sunlight takes between 1 and 5 points three wound track categories: Healthy, Injured, and of aggravated damage per turn. Sticking your hand into a Incapacitated. When your character takes damage, you must sunbeam causes 1 point of aggravated damage.

Standing first mark off your Healthy wound levels, then your Injured in the sun on a bright day causes 5 points of damage per wound levels, and finally, your Incapacitated wound levels. Vampiric powers such as Fortitude do not reduce the amount of damage vampires take from exposure to sunlight. These levels represent your characters general state of health, as follows: As long as you do not have any points marked If you have a weapon with the staking quality, you can off within your Injured or Incapacitated wound tracks attempt to stake a vampire, if that vampire is Incapacitated.

Staking requires you to use the Pierce the Heart combat maneuver. If you have one or more points marked off in but if successful, the target falls into a damage-induced torpor your Injured wound track, you are Injured.

There is no until the stake is removed. Staked vampires automatically immediate mechanical disadvantage to being Injured, awaken when the stake is removed, unless they are also out but some attacks work more effectively on Injured of health levels.

If you have one or more points maneuver unless the target is within the Incapacitated marked off in your Incapacitated wound track, you wound track, but a vampire who is in torpor, asleep, or are Incapacitated. Incapacitated characters lose their otherwise helpless can be staked, with the Storytellers simple action every round until they heal all of their permission.

Incapacitated health levels. Stamina Focused Torpor Stamina-focused characters dont suffer penalties when they When a vampire has no remaining health levels and takes reach the Incapacitated wound track. Attacks that have a 1 or more points of damage, she falls into torpor.

Torpid greater effect on Injured or Incapacitated characters are not vampires appear to be dead mortals. While in torpor, a blocked by the Stamina focus. Any torpid vampire who is given at least 1 point of Blood from a vampire of three generations Damage Types lower automatically wakes up from torpor.

Normal damage comes from attacks not by comparing dots of the Generation background. Unless otherwise noted, assume your attack causes normal damage.

Healing Vampires do not heal naturally. Some supernatural creatures allows a vampire to instantly heal a point of normal damage. Healing doesnt require an action, and you may heal at any Vampires are particularly susceptible to fire and time even when its not your initiative. Each point of Blood sunlight, while werewolves are famously vulnerable to spent to heal removes one normal wound.

When a character is hit by an attack to which she is particularly vulnerable, she suffers To heal aggravated damage, a vampire must spend 3 points aggravated damage.

When she wakes the next evening, she heals 1 point of aggravated damage. It is not normally possible to heal more than 1 point of Daytime aggravated damage per day. Vampires sleep during the daytime. At dawn, a vampire must either fall into a deep sleep or spend a point of Willpower. If the vampire spends a point of Willpower, she. Willpower is measured both as a permanent rating, and as temporary points. A player spends Willpower to resist Mental and Social powers, among other things.

While this expenditure decreases the characters current Willpower rating, it does not permanently decrease the characters permanent maximum Willpower.

Regaining Willpower At the start of each game, your character begins with her maximum Willpower as long as she had a complete days rest before starting the game. During the course of the game, spent Willpower is regained by roleplaying. Player Acknowledgement: When another player impresses you with her roleplay, you may award her by refreshing all that characters spent Willpower. A character can only benefit from this refresh once per night.

Storyteller Acknowledgement: When the Storyteller notices a player roleplaying her character well, she may elect to refresh some or all of the characters spent Willpower.

Willpower cannot be refreshed while in combat. If a player or Storyteller attempts to reward a character for actions taken during combat, the Willpower is refreshed as soon as the combat scene ends. Humanity One of the most important themes of the Vampire roleplaying Death game is the undeads struggle to retain her soul and fight the Living characters die if they have no remaining health levels degradation of the Beast. Humanity measures a and take 3 or more points of damage.

Additionally, a living vampires innate empathy. As she degenerates, the vampire character who is knocked unconscious from damage will die loses the ability to form meaningful, emotional connections in 5 turns, unless treated by a character with the Medical with others.

Her control over the Beast diminishes, and her skill. Stamina-focused characters will survive for up to 10 next frenzy may well mean complete surrender to the Beast.

Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire: The Masquerade

Thus, it is extremely important to use Morality in a consistent, Vampires are more difficult to kill. To permanently destroy dramatic manner. If the Storyteller allows the characters to a vampire, you must damage all of the targets health levels, sometimes literally get away with murder, the tragedy of knock her into torpor, and remove her head or destroy vampiric existence vanishes and the story suffers.

To remove a vampires head, you must use a full round of actions both your simple and standard actions to do so. To destroy a vampires body without beheading her, you must expose her to a damaging situation or inflict significant blunt trauma throughout 3 full turns. The 3 turns needed to kill a vampire in this way dont need to happen consecutively, but they must happen within 10 minutes.

She becomes a beacon of evil, and those nearby Humanity Rating undead and mortal alikeactively feel disconcerted as something alien and terrible moves among them. This vampire could easily be mistaken for a normal human. Beast Traits As a vampire commits sins, she accumulates Beast traits.

Minds Eye Theatre Vampire the Masquerade Quickstart Guide

This vampire is a bit pale, somewhat creepy, These Beast traits indicate her Beasts current control over and easily draws attention to herself as someone odd. When triggered with the proper stimuli or motivation, the Beast attempts to take over, trying to force 3 Unfeeling.

This vampire has lost touch with many of the vampire to frenzy. If a vampire spends an entire day the things that make someone appear human. She does sleeping, her Beast is lulled back into relative quiescence not always remember to breathe or blink, and she no and all her Beast traits fade.

Gaining Beast Traits 2 Bestial. This vampire no longer understands what it Every time your character commits a sin, she gains temporary means to be human. She is cold to the touch, rarely blinks Beast traits equal to the level of the sin. It is possible to or remembers to act alive, and is constantly in a struggle mitigate the number of Beast traits your character gains to control her Beast.

This vampire disdains compassion and other soft emotions, is pale and frightening in Note that Beast traits are cumulative. Over the course of appearance, and is clearly notable as a member of the an evening you might gain 2 Beast traits for one sin and 1 undead. Beast trait for a second sin. In this case, you have a total of 3 Beast traits.

It is hungry, eager, tempting, twisting a vampires perceptions. It 1 Harm Another: Youve significantly whispers, murder is justified; even necessary.

Heres one harmed another individual physically, who deserves it. That ones better off dead. A little here, mentally, or financially in a way that a little there, the Beast chisels away at a vampires ethics and will take weeks for the victim to reason until something snapsand the vampires Humanity recover.

Youve harmed In the end, all vampires are supernatural beings, animated another individual in a way that will corpses that subsist by preying on others. Vampirism reduces take the victim years to overcome an individuals capacity to feel positive emotions, slowly if ever.

With human drives and 3 Killing: Youve killed another desires twisted by a raging Beast that demands survival at individual. If they lose this tenuous thread, the Beast will win, and the original 4 Multiple Murders: Youve killed more personality of the vampire will be utterly destroyed.

The than one individual. Youve committed inhuman acts that cannot be excused. However, a vampire cannot ignore the fact that she is a monster.

Even a vampire with a high Humanity rating feels When a character commits a sin outside of combat, she the Beast inside, scratching at her spirit and demanding blood. During a combat As a vampires Humanity erodes, she becomes jaded and scene, the Storyteller should not slow down the action by blas. She may even actively pursue progressively depraved running multiple degeneration challenges.

Instead the acts in order to feel anything at all. With little memory of Storyteller should track the most severe sin committed by her Humanity to guide her, a vampires behavior becomes each character, assign Beast traits accordingly, and resolve callous in the extreme, utterly degenerate and monstrously degeneration challenges at the end of the combat scene.

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If Beast traits gained. The test pool is: For rage frenzy will automatically transition into a fear frenzy. If the degeneration blood and drink until your Blood pool is full.

This frenzy challenge succeeds, reduce the number of Beast traits gained will only end after your Blood pool refreshes.

While by 1 point. You run away from anyone and anything or Mental but all of the characters actions must be bent that has the potential to harm you or acts aggressively towards the motivation of her frenzy.

You may use Auspex towards you. You can only attack if you are cornered, to find new victims, Dread Gaze to force your enemy to flee, and even then you will abandon the fight and run as or Obfuscate to hide from a terrifying foe. Fear frenzy ends when you escape threats and find a quiet place to hide for 10 The Beast is simple but not stupid.

A frenzying character minutes. For example, if you light a frenzying character on fire, she may choose to pause Resisting Frenzy and extinguish the flames before continuing. You attack the thing that made you angry traits the character currently possesses.

A vampire can spend and will continue to fight until it is unconscious or in a point of Willpower to avoid the effect of frenzy for a scene, torpor. If your target escapes, you will spend 3 turns or three turns if in combat.

A vampire who has no current venting your rage on your surroundings before the rage Beast traits will automatically resist frenzy. Once the vampire acquires 5 Beast traits, she suffers the loss of a 1 Hit by a single blow that inflicts 4 or dot of permanent Humanity. Each additional 5 Beast traits more points of damage rage frenzy ; claims an additional permanent point of Humanity.

At zero Blood pool reaches 0 hunger frenzy ; Humanity, the Beast has taken over, and no vestige of the Engulfed by a large fire fear frenzy ; human personality or spirit remains. The character becomes Fully exposed to bright sunlight fear an NPC, and will be controlled by the Storyteller. You are artistically talented, and have the training or experience needed to create art or build items.

You can create beautiful and expensive objects. When you choose Academics: You possess a level of scholarship and general the Crafts skill, you must choose a specific field of study, knowledge beyond primary schooling.

This skill reflects the such as clockwork, blacksmithing, calligraphy, poetry, or fact that the character has received an in-depth education. Note that some artistic fields are With Academics, you can express artistic criticism, comment better represented under the Performance skill.

You may download on the classics, discuss philosophy, and indulge in cultural this skill multiple times, each with a different field of study. A player may further focus the characters education by choosing a field of study for each dot downloadd, such Dodge: When trouble rears its ugly head, you know how to as mathematics, literature, history, journalism, theology, or get out of its way. Quick reactions let you evade blows and anything appropriate to a classical education. You can use Dodge to attempt to evade an attack that youre aware of, such as diving for cover Animal Ken: You know how to handle animals, and you as someone fires a gun or twisting away from a sword.

You know how to calm an animal, care for it, and train it to perform certain tricks Drive: Most people can drive, but you have the knowledge or obey commands. You also know how to panic or enrage and training necessary to perform difficult and dangerous an animal, when necessary. The Animal Ken skill also actions while behind the wheel of a vehicle. The first dot makes hunting animals much easier, allowing a vampire of the Drive skill gives you competency driving cars.

For to temporarily hide the predatory aura of the Beast long each additional dot, you are considered competent driving enough to close in on unwitting prey. You have a knack for athletic endeavors. You fixed-wing planes, airliners, or helicopters.

You may choose are good at sports and have often participated in physical other categories, if approved by your Storyteller. This skill is useful when attempting physical activities or sports, when fighting with thrown weapons, or Empathy: A character trained in Empathy tends to be when using a bow. Such characters Awareness: Your senses are keen, and you are trained to are sensitive to the moods, emotions, and motives of notice unusual things in your environment. You also have other people, and can identify when someone has mental visceral reactions to the presence of the supernatural, problems, psychological weaknesses, or buried issues.

A character with the Awareness skill may Firearms: You have been trained to handle a wide variety of attempt to notice nearby Mental and Social attacks even firearms, from holdout pistols to heavy machine guns.

You if the attacker succeeds on her test. If you are looking at can clean, repair, recognize, and accurately fire most forms someone who successfully uses a power, you may make an of simple modern weaponry.

Your tactics might be based on your physical size, fighting prowess, reputation, or just knowing how to push someones Brawl: You have been trained to fight, and know how to use buttons and play on her fears. You might have military training, you might have been trained in the martial arts, or Investigation: It takes a great deal of training to be a good maybe you grew up with a lot of rough-and-tumble siblings.

You have that education and the experience Whatever the case, you know how to dish out damage with to use it. You notice subtleties and can connect disparate your fists and feet. With effort, you can set a jumbled mass of data into patterns, discovering clues that others Computers: You have the knowledge required to operate and would have overlooked.

In addition, you have a fundamental understanding of the internet, including website management, data-mining, and hacking. Leadership is a combination of authority, choose the Science skill you must choose a specific field strategic thinking, and the understanding of team dynamics. Even when you possibilities, though such a list is far from comprehensive.

Most people have a fluent command of one Security: You may have been a dedicated security consultant language: Each dot of the Linguistics skill or an incorrigible thief. No matter which side of the law you allows your character to be fluent in an additional language.

You understand both the ins and outs of the Lore: Most vampires understand their powers and know technology and the structure of security organizations, and enough about vampiric society to get by. To know more know how best to circumnavigate both. With a little time about the supernatural world, a character must collect and effort, you can design comprehensive security protocols and study Lore. With several dots in Lore, the character for a location or, conversely, defeat such measures.

It takes a great deal of physical training to move silently, and a tremendous amount of mental dedication to Medicine: You have a trained knowledge of human anatomy, remain unnoticed when others are attempting to find you. By taking the appropriate precautions and Melee: You are a dangerous combatant, especially when you using your natural skill, you can blend into the crowd and are armed with any sort of weaponry.

Melee represents your remain unnoticed even without supernatural powers. Youre a savvy individual, completely capable nunchaku. This skill also includes training with vampire- of taking care of yourself no matter how difficult the related weaponry, such as wooden stakes. The streets and the underbelly of urban areas hold no danger for you, and you know the local criminal Occult: You are familiar with occult topics such as mystic organizations and how to contactor avoidthem.

You philosophy, superstition, or folklore. Occult includes can recognize tagging and other territorial markers, and you knowledge of many traditions such as Jewish Kabbalah, know the signs, colors and accoutrements that are used as primitive shamanism, New Age beliefs, or psychic research, identification by those who make their homes in those areas. It does not imply a command of hard facts, but basic knowledge of rumor, Subterfuge: Lies, bluffs, and subtle games of manipulation myth, legend, and hearsay.

An individual trained in this skill is capable of Performance: You have been trained in physical hiding her intentions and redirecting the attention of others performance, and are comfortable entertaining a crowd. You may be at your best with feats This skill represents your talent and technical ability, as of magical misdirection, or you may be a con artist, making well as the ability to enthrall an audience and keep them money playing three-card-Monte on the streets.

You may wanting more. When you choose the Performance skill, you use phraseology to confuse your listener, or you might be must choose a specific field of study such as dance, comedy, the sort to utilize small feats of hypnotism to confuse and acting, oratory, singing, or anything appropriate to the distract.

Like the old hucksters used to say, theres a sucker dramatic arts. You may download this skill multiple times, each born every minute. You know the ways of the wilderness and you Science: The modern Information Age allows for all manner feel at home in untamed environments. You know how of studies. By categorizing and breaking down the world to navigate a variety of terrains, find shelter, and survive into many different forms, the methods of logic and reason in a different of habitats.

You can control your responses give sentient beings the means to understand the universe, and act with temperance and composure, having suffered or at least small pieces of it.

Education in Science covers numerous hardships with ease. Your survival instincts are techniques of inquiry, modern studies, and a broad range of rarely ignored, even under the direst provocation. When you. Brujah success. Ventrue in-clan disciplines are Dominate, Fortitude, and Presence.

Rapidity The full descriptions of these powers and a comprehensive You can move faster than humanly possible. Before a normal list of all disciplines can be found in the complete rulebook.

Celerity System: When you activate Celerity, you gain an extra Vampires are described in myth as having preternatural round of actions one simple action and one standard speed and reflexes. Celerity is the discipline of extraordinary action. Resolve these actions on the first Celerity round. When in need, a vampire can expend blood to fuel her actions, moving with startling quickness. Legerity Each dot of Celerity represents an additional increase in At this speed, you can move faster than the human eye can physical speed, and each dot stacks with all mechanical track clearly.

You are a blur to those without this power, and bonuses granted by other dots of this discipline. If a character your incredible speed allows for plenty of time to focus, aim, has Rapidity Celerity , she has the bonuses granted by and fire.

Rapidity, and also the bonuses granted by Alacrity Celerity and Swiftness Celerity , which she must download in System: All of your Dodge-based defensive test pools receive order to download Rapidity.

Additionally, when you score an exceptional during a Celerity round. Therefore, she may move, attack, success with a mundane ranged attack one not related to or activate a Physical power, but cannot engage in any any supernatural discipline while Celerity is active, your Mental or Social challenges.

Activating Celerity A character must spend 1 Blood point to activate Celerity Fleetness for the turn. That expenditure activates all Celerity powers You can become a whirlwind of velocity, moving with that the character possesses. Activating Celerity doesnt preternatural speed. Your attacks are a blur of constant require an action, and can be done at any time even before motion. You flit back and forth, appearing almost to blink in your turn in the initiative order.

Focus [Dexterity]: Anytime you activate Celerity, your System: Resolve these actions on the second Celerity round. Alacrity You are capable of an incredibly fast response time. By activating Alacrity, you have the ability to make incredibly Dominate rapid movements, increasing both reaction speed and reflexes. There are many legends describing a vampires ability to put people under her mental influence. Practitioners of System: When you spend Blood to activate Celerity, your Dominate can bend minds, implant suggestions, and even initiative increases by the sum of all of the Celerity powers control another persons actions.

The Dominate user Your body responds so quickly that the world around you then issues verbal orders or communicates through simple, seems to slow down. You can use this extra time to draw a obvious hand gestures. The target cant comply if she cant bead, increasing your accuracy with ranged weapons. Commands such as shoot yourself in.

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However, the Dominate Brujah clan meeting, and bring those notes to me user can issue orders that are not harmful, but might lead afterwards. Mesmerism directions must be spoken aloud, to a dangerous situation. For example, A character could and the target must understand your instructions. Dominate someone to shoot at a group of police officers. This action would almost certainly lead to trouble, and Unlike Command, a Mesmerism does not need to be an possibly get the target harmed, but it is not directly self- immediate action.

The instructions can reside in a targets destructive. The Dominate wielder uses her user. The victim will Command perform those tasks until completed or for an hour. Once With a word or a gesture, you can exert your will upon that Mesmerism has ended, the subject will attempt to fulfill an individual and force her to obey. A single word, even the older Mesmerism.

Some vampires use this power subtly, while Mesmerism cannot rob your target of the ability to defend others revel in publicly forcing others to submit. A character forced to count loudly to one million can still dodge, run away, or even attack, so long as she System: To Command an individual, expend a standard keeps counting.

However, she probably could not effectively action and speak a simple one-word order or give a brief hide while calling out numbers. If you are successful, your character forces the target to obey her will. The Command must be System: Then, expend a one turn attempting to obey your order.

Such dictates must standard action, speak the instructions of the Mesmerism, be clear and straightforward: If you laugh, stop, go, scream, or follow are good examples. A are successful, the Mesmerismexactly as you stated it Command may be part of a sentence in order to conceal has been implanted. Note that a Mesmerism will always the powers use, such as by saying, Im afraid I must ask you break if the subject realizes performing these actions will to leave this house at once!

If a Command is confusing lead to direct harm. The target does not realize that for one hour, whichever comes first. This subliminal order shes been Dominated. Mortals will simply rationalize may lay dormant in the targets mind for up to one month, away any strange behavior.

A supernatural creature will be after which the compulsion fades and the Mesmerism ends. An individual who has been lives. In this case, the recipient will likely lead you to the successfully given a Command must follow your order for location which could require leaving the building, getting three turns instead of one.

Mesmerism Mesmerism cannot be used to prevent a character from Through the use of this power, a vampire acquires a near- using a discipline, although it can be used to prevent a spellbinding command of her mental facilities.

This power victim from acting in certain ways. For example, you cannot implants a subliminal trigger in the targets mind. This use Dominate with the command Stop using Celerity, trigger will activate only under specified circumstances, although you can Mesmerize a target by saying Stop and forces the target to perform certain pre-programmed attacking me. The Mesmerism user may dictate anything from simple directives hand me In all cases, your Storyteller is the final arbiter of what is or your car keys to complex ones take detailed notes at the is not appropriate for a Mesmerism.

When the target fulfills the A character can also use Forgetful Mind to detect false or Mesmerism or when the duration of the power ends , your missing memories and under the correct circumstances victim will not remember following your instructions. She restore them. Restoring lost or altered memories is difficult, will remember all actions she took of her own free will, but and takes a great deal of patience and dedication.

If will not recall what she was forced to do by your Mesmerism. Your Mesmerisms may remain many powers of Dominate she possesses including elder dormant in your targets mind for up to three months powers but not techniques. If she has fewer powers than instead of one month, and the effects, once triggered, will you, then she is incapable of overpowering your Dominate last for up to two hours rather than one.

If she has equal or more powers, she may make an Forgetful Mind opposed Mental challenge against the highest Dominate Your skill with mental manipulation gives you the power pool you have applied to that subject.

If she is successful, to modify and shape the memories of other individuals. This process requires one downtime action to clearly, you can place her in a hypnotic state.

While she is be spent by both the subject and the individual restoring somnambulant, you may ask questions, cause her to describe the memories. A vampire cannot use Forgetful Mind to alter or restore her own memories. Its a relatively simple matter to rifle through a victims psyche and erase swaths of memory, but unless you offer Exceptional Success: When you score an exceptional something in its place, the deletion will leave a blank spot success, your character is considered to have 1 more dot of in the victims recollection.

The Dominate user can instead Dominate for the purposes of determining whether or not create false memories, describing a plausible story for the this application of Forgetful Mind can be undone by other victims subconscious to absorb.

The user of this power characters in the future or for determining if you can undo can tell the target to incorporate new information into alterations to your targets memories.

The target will do so seamlessly, justifying the information within the Focus [Wits]: You may alter up to one hour of the targets context of her overall remembrance. Unless someone else memory with a single application of Forgetful Mind points out critical paradoxes in the memory, the target will rather than 10 minutes.

Conditioning Forgetful Mind does not grant the user any telepathic It takes little effort to control an individuals actions for a ability to see an event in the targets mind. The events brief moment, or to twist her memories of a few minutes are remembered from the subjects point of view, and are time. You are capable of far more insidious feats. Our goal is to always go above and beyond. In that spirit, we have a number of stretch goals planned so we can make even more items the community desires and deserves.

You must add this to your pledge amount in order to receive your add-on download. How do you do that? Follow these quick steps: Click the big green "back this project" button Enter the amount you wish to pledge in the green box Select the reward tier of your choice Make sure you did your math correctly and include any international shipping, if applicable. English language PDF format only.

A collection of original essays, guidance, design notes, advice, suggestions, and, yes, secrets that will help Storytellers get the most out their Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire The Masquerade games. Noble families with ancient lineages rule this gilded age. The vampires seek shelter in powerful mortal houses to endure the tumult of world-shaking events.

It is whispered that this little community in Yorkshire contains a secret that dates back to the Roman occupation of Great Britain and the terror that chased them from these shores. You do not have to choose your clans until after our Kickstarter is completed.

Available clan pin options are based on achieving stretch goals, as outlined in the Stretch Goal section above.

Minds Eye Theatre Vampire the Masquerade Quickstart Guide

Pin Packs! We know there are a lot of fans who want to download more than one pin. Theme pin packs! Now that all of the pin stretch goals are unlocked, we have made certain "themed pin sets" available. These are not mix-n-match. If you want to choose your clans, please use the Pin Pack pricing above.Can we respond to you about this? Static challenges are tests performed against the Storyteller. Retests Step Four: The Storyteller defines the a gunshot, a character might use Dodge. Noblesse oblige is a term often heard in the halls of the Ventrue.

A character receives a number of free starting dots in skills.

Bruno Marques. Pin Packs! No matter how your slave and will not blindly obey your commands, the many characters in the area have this focus, expending 2 subject admires you greatly and is willing to work toward Willpower will ignore all focused uses of Awe. Thus, it is extremely important to use Morality in a consistent, Vampires are more difficult to kill.