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The Hero of Ages (Mistborn #3) by Brandon Sanderson #[email protected] best_audiobooks · #[email protected]_audiobooks. Tricked into releasing the evil. Brandon Sanderson - Mistborn, #2 (The Well of Ascension).epub. KB. Brandon Sanderson - Mistborn, #3 (The Hero of Ages).epub. KB. The Hero of Ages (Mistborn #3) Tricked into releasing the evil spirit Ruin while attempting to close the Well of Ascension, new emperor Elend Venture and his.

This was done to prevent technology undermining his military strength and being used against him in rebellions.

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This left archers as the only long-range military option, and it left skaa rebellions at a disadvantage because archers require considerable training. The only major advance since the Lord Ruler's reign started, is the invention of canned food.

Kandra are highly intelligent life forms without distinct shape, physically resembling Mistwraiths in their natural form, however, they are shapeshifters. The prime function of the kandra are as spies, because of their notable ability to imitate any being.

They can consume dead creatures, memorizing and replicating the physical traits perfectly. The First Generation of kandra were converted by the Lord Ruler, from pre-Ascension Terris Worldbringers, the sect of spiritual leaders and Feruchemists, resulting in the kandra calling him "Father". Mistwraiths are concentrated mistforms and mindless scavengers with the ability to add the bones of creatures they consume to their own forms.

They are part of the reason why Skaa fear the mists. However, mistwraiths are relatively harmless. Named the Unbirthed by Kandra, the Mistwraiths can become Kandra. Koloss are of Ruin, and are violent creatures that kill with superhuman strength.

They grow to a maximum height of about 13 feet, at which point their hearts cannot support their bulk and they die. They only have two emotional states: boredom and rage. Allomancy is of Preservation. In the case of Allomancy, net power is gained. It is provided by an external source, Preservation's own energy. Hemalurgy is of Ruin.

It destroys. By taking abilities from one person and giving them to another—in reduced amounts—power is actually lost.

In line with Ruin's own appointed purpose—breaking down the universe into smaller and smaller pieces—Hemalurgy gives great gifts, but at a high cost. Feruchemy is the power of Balance.

Of the three powers of the metallic arts, only Feruchemy was known to men before the conflict between Preservation and Ruin came to a head. In Feruchemy, power is stored up, then later drawn upon. There is no loss of energy—just a change in the time and rate of its use.

Not all Terris were Feruchemists, only very few. Each Keeper has a specific field of knowledge on which they focus, but all Keepers carry all of the previous Keeper's knowledge. The term "Twinborn" was not introduced until the fourth book. A Twinborn is a person with one Allomantic power and one Feruchemical power. There is no relation between the Allomantic and Feruchemical metals of a Twinborn and most of them have different ones. A Twinborn having the same Allomantic and Feruchemical affinities significantly enhances both, even if the abilities themselves are unrelated.

They are described as Shards of Adonalsium; [18] fragments of the power of creation. Preservation and Ruin agree to a pact between gods, with an initial stalemate between them, each aware that only together could they create and achieve their separate goals while knowing they would never gain complete final satisfaction.

Preservation could not keep things perfect and unchanging and Ruin could not destroy completely. Ruin is of destruction, without malice, but intent on reducing everything to the molecular level. Imprisoned by Preservation in an attempt to prevent Ruin from destroying the world, Ruin's consciousness was trapped by the Well of Ascension and kept mostly impotent.

Ruin's remaining strength enables it with small powers to alter writing and Feruchemical Memories, but it cannot alter writing inscribed in metal or normal memories. It was Preservation that wanted to create life on Scadrial, but needed Ruin's help to do so. In exchange for Ruin's help, Preservation promised that Ruin would be allowed to destroy everything one day. However, after they had succeeded in creating the world, Preservation reneged on its bargain and sacrificed a significant portion of its power to create the Well of Ascension as a prison for Ruin to prevent the destruction of the world.

The Steel Ministry is the name of the religion that the Lord Ruler established for everyone to worship him. The Lord Ruler allowed the Nobles to control most aspects of the empire, such as the production of resources, but he used the Steel Ministry to control the Nobles. The Steel Ministry has two groups of people who are used to control different aspects of society; Steel Inquisitors and Obligators. Inquisitors are creatures of Ruin; their powers are gained through Hemalurgy.

An Inquisitor is created when several Hemalurgic spikes are pounded through a Feruchemist or an Allomancer into the body of a human, usually an Allomancer or an existing Inquisitor.

The Obligators were drawn from the ranks of nobles, usually Allomancers and are trained in the arts of bureaucracy and the teachings of the Steel Ministry. They are marked by tattoos which decorate their face and body; the more tattooed an obligator is, the higher his rank.

They serve as witnesses for every possible legal contract e. Most Obligators are mistings with the power of allomancy called a "seeker", meaning that they can burn a metal to see if there are other Allomancers nearby. This gave the Lord Ruler great control over the nobility, as any contract not witnessed by one of his Obligators, did not officially take place.

The Church of the Survivor worships Kelsier, who served as its first martyr.

Vin, the Heir to The Survivor and Kelsier's 'disciple', was also worshiped. Kelsier created the Church as the means of spreading hope for freedom and equality among the Skaa, so they would finally rebel. You seriously could play a drinking game based on the repeated information alone - though I hope you have a hearty liver and an ability to hold your alcohol if you try. If I was rating this book on the last chunk of the story, it would get all the stars.

The ending was spectacular and appropriately epic for fantasy. However, a novel is a sum of its parts and there's about pages in this book that I had hoped to enjoy a lot more than I did. Also, I'm just going to say it: Elend and Vin are boring.

They're boring characters. They're an even more boring couple. They're too powerful when they're together, and Sanderson doesn't so much show them in love and romantically connected as he does tell the audience repeatedly that they're husband and wife, and in love. Their connection to each other seemed another casualty of Sanderson's compulsive need to sanitize this story of any sort of adult element that might arise.

There is even a scene where Sanderson goes out of his way to explain that Kandra remove their visible genitals, so when a few of them are walking around naked they're walking like barbie dolls or crewmembers of the USS Callister. It doesn't make sense. They're not even human - though they use human form. So why would they worry about removing their genitals?

It's stuff like this that pulled me out of the story and honestly, makes me cringe a little. Furthermore, 3 books in and the only decent female character Sanderson bothered to put in this trilogy was Vin. There are more than a half dozen supporting male characters in this series, and the majority of them all survive to the end of the story.

Surely one or two other awesome female characters could have found something important to do in this book? Don't even get me started on Beldre, who I think was a terrible character with unrealistic motivations from start to finish. She only exists to ensure that every character gets neatly paired off with a romantic and heterosexual interest of their own at the end of the book. Before I started this series, I had plans on prioritizing Words of Radiance and Oathbringer this year, but after this experience I've moved them to the bottom of my to-be-read list.

Humphrey and Scrill! These ladies are wonderful, and if you're not following them - you should be! View all 19 comments. Katie Shepley I agree with so many of your points.

Mar 04, Trong Tran Let me preface this huge comment by saying this: I'm simply countering your points with my own view, and not you as a person, but what you said in you Let me preface this huge comment by saying this: I'm simply countering your points with my own view, and not you as a person, but what you said in your review. That being said, I'd like to know your thoughts on my points in regards to yours. I felt as if, the reason you had these "info dumps" in the beginnings were the very essence of what the passages were like in the first two books.

These were Sayzed's words after he became a god, the words Spook would later read as well as everyone else. It was a loose history of what had happened, and therefore as the knowledge had been gained at the end, it was relevant to give it in pieces as the story unfolding.

That's my interpretation anyway. Eh, I felt like Sanderson doesn't focus on Romance as making out and holding hands and instead focuses on how Romance changes people. Elend and Vin go through trials of love through the whole series.

Courting, flirting and "dates" in the first. Love-Triangly feelings, how being too busy could ruin a relationship, and sacrifice in the second, and finally understanding, trust, and teamwork in the end. They were subtle, yet each relationship changed or motivated whoever was their holder in the book. The reason Kandra remove their genitals when they don't have clothes is because of innate human instincts.

At the end, it is revealed they used to be human. It is noted the curiosity Tensoon felt that despite "hating" humans, they always built their constructs from humans, spoke in human language, and even enjoyed human comforts.

That is, because they used to be human. That conditioning, much like everything else, probably is to why they hide their genitals. Cause it's human decency, ingrained in their ancestry. Also, because it's not our world, whatever our logic systems are shouldn't apply to theirs. There were plenty of important female characters, though their role was not as densely cataloged. Other than Zane and Kel, Shan was the only other named Mistborn, who ruled the court and wanted to kill Elend simply for refuting her.

The Hero of Ages

Tindwyl was an important and scarred Keeper, stronger than most men in mind and spirit. She is the reason Sayzed was so powerful wrought and taught Elend to be the man he was.

Allrianne saved Breezes' mind, made Set a good man in the second book, saving many people by forcing Set to charge, and manipulated the scenes from the background. Belldre was important as she helped Spook stabilize Urteau, and become the prominent figure he needed to be.

She wasn't just a romantic figure, she was the only reason Spook figured out that Ruin was manipulating them both. If not for her, Spook would have killed Quellion and then still have been under Ruin's influence. I felt though there could have been more women surely, there wasn't a blatant lack of them, as you can clearly see. Jul 05, Sean Barrs the Bookdragon rated it really liked it Shelves: I think Sanderson is a really impressive author of the fantasy genre.

It must be incredibly hard to insert originality into books of this type; so much has been done before and then done again. His books and his characters are, simply put, cool. He just knows what his readership wants to see, and he gives it to them.

The action scenes have an almost cinematic quality too them; they remind me of the combat I think Sanderson is a really impressive author of the fantasy genre. The action scenes have an almost cinematic quality too them; they remind me of the combat from The Matrix and Resident Evil movie franchises.

The images of people flying through the air and kicking arse are vivid and plain awesome. Well, anyway, this book takes place a year after the previous one, and Elend is forced to take upon the role of Emperor.

Previously, he has an idealistic approach to ruling; he was soft and morally righteous. Elend has hardened his heart and become what necessity demanded him to be. The situation calls for a ruler not a diplomat; he has opened his eyes and seen the approaching threat of destruction. It was just in time too because his weakness could have got everyone killed.

His personality is now drastically different. The threat to the Final Empire transcends the capabilities of a normal man; he had to become much more. Together, him and Vin can reap destruction on their countless enemies. So, essentially, he has become the leader he needed to be form the start. A doubt inevitably begins to burn within his soul see what I did there? I love the way Sanderson does this; he captures internal conflict really well, as Elend questions morality and the necessary nature of being a strong leader.

Exciting new point of view chracters Initially, I thought his was a bad idea. I though adding new point of views in such a late stage of a trilogy would be quite detrimental. Spook and Ken-Soon had some of the most exciting chapters in the book. It also allowed for character development in characters that have been relatively ignored. Spook went on a massive personal journey. If I was to rate this book just on its action then I would give it five stars.

I think the ending of the series was superb, but there was also another six hundred or pages or so to contend with. There were a few pacing issues. I felt like unnecessary things were drawn out, and what I considered to be important was rushed over.

The ending was too fast; it needed more build up. The conflict at the beginning of the book had much more time devoted to it than the crux of the plot.

However, these are minor issues, which make me sound very picky. The ending was superb and sad. This series has so much going for it. Go read it! The Mistborn Series 1. The Final Empire - A misty four stars 2. The Well of Acsension - A suprising four stars 3. The Hero of Ages - An awesome four stars I'm just going to go kindly check myself into the hospital.

I suffered multiple cardiac arrests over these endless plot twists. Sanderson has ZERO mercy. Let me repeat that: View all 24 comments. Jan 31, Maureen rated it it was amazing. I cry but I'm also so happy. I've never been so happy to be so sad. Nov 2nd read: April 3rd read: November I mean, it was perfect obviously.

As glorious and bittersweet and fulfilling as the first time I read it. I'm in awe of Sanderson! I'm amazed by his skill as an author. As someone who designed a world from scratch and connected the plot lines in such a god-like way almost. Even though, I've read it 4 times, I still cannot fathom the scale of epicness. Forever my favourite trilogy. View all 6 comments.

I cannot even begin to sum up how great this was. I've mentioned before how much I appreciate Sanderson's heavy inclusion of religion and religious characters in his work.

He somehow is able to ask those big questions, taking his characters through hell and back, without making the reader feel at all criticized or alienated.

The character developments in this one especially for my precious Spook were just beyo So this was BY FAR my favorite installment in the first Mistborn trilogy. The character developments in this one especially for my precious Spook were just beyond anything I could've imagined. I am thrilled with how each character grew to be so much more than what they were when we began this journey in The Final Empire.

Now that I'm sitting at the end of this series, I believe wholeheartedly that this book is responsible for tying together the first two into what became this brilliant high fantasy epic. A beautifully crafted ending.

View all 45 comments. I have a little time to read this book because of Ramadan. The Hero of Ages genres are fantasy and sci-fi. This book has focused on the characters of Vin and Elend. I love this book so much Alhamdulillah! This is the best trilogy! I have ever read Alhamdulillah!

Oh, wow you have changed, Spook my dear man! I love the conclusion of the 'Mistborn' trilogy so much Alhamdulillah. It is very sad. I cry a lot in the end of this book. The end of this book are happy and s I have a little time to read this book because of Ramadan. The end of this book are happy and sad. Lists of 'Misborn' trilogy unforgettable characters: View all 7 comments.

Apr 18, Robin Bridge Four rated it it was amazing Shelves: Re-reading because: A well thought out trilogy that ended as strong as it began. I forgot to mention Spook in my original review but his role in this was key. He has grown up so much from the boy he was in Mistborn and has come to the forefront of Re-reading because: He has grown up so much from the boy he was in Mistborn and has come to the forefront of the story. I love his journey and how he used what he learned from Kelsier and Vin together in playing his role.

There are so many characters I love in this series and I'm sad to leave them behind again. I didn't start out loving Breeze but he became one of my favorite characters His wit reminds me of Wit in the Stormlight Archives.

Elend and Vin remain one of my favorite couples in Fantasy. Kelsier is still such a strong force in the story. Sazed and his journey and part in the story made sense when we finally got there and I always love how he is humble and genuine with everyone.

His journey couldn't have ended any other way I think.

Stronger even the second time through. Original Review 4. He signed my book with the following I thought while reading Mistborn that he put that inscription in the wrong book. Boy was I wrong because The Hero of Ages had more secrets revealed than the other two books. In true Sanderson fashion this story builds slowly until it bursts and all you can do is hold on for the ride.

I laughed and cried and loved so many moments. My heart might be a little battered by the journey but it is all the better for it as well. There are some fantasy series you read and you know that the author is just sorta making it all up as he goes along. Later in the series stuff from earlier books starts to fall apart and holes in prior world building become a little obvious. I never feel that way in a Sanderson book.

I always feel like he had every part of the magic system and world building figured out before he ever started the first book. That with every layer he adds it is like a picture coming more fully into focus until you can see all the details more clearly and at the end of Hero of Ages I thought OF COURSE how could it have ended any differently.

He is for the fantasy reader that loves all the details and respects the world building as well as the story. Sure some parts might seem a little slower at times but that is just because the world is so rich and it takes time to line everything up so you can knock it down perfectly. There are so many characters that I loved throughout the entire series and thankfully I got to spend time with all of them.

Everything that has been put for about this world is action and consequence or push and pull. Balance has been the driving factor and this remained true to the very end. With Ruin released a new balance had to be found to counteract his destruction and the possible end of the world.

Ruin has been waiting millennia for this chance and is a master manipulator of men. Vin, Elend and the gang have their work cut out for them if they have a chance to win this war. This isn't about good or evil. Morality doesn't even enter into it. Good men will kill as quickly for what they want as evil men—only the things they want are different.

She has grown into a great hero and woman she has become more than Kelsier every thought she could be. I loved her and Elend in this book. They overcame their histories and became such a strong pair together. They have become more comfortable with the people they are and accept themselves. They had difficult times with the enemy but I enjoyed the tender moments when they were just together being the young couple in love that they are. You have to admit that you're unusual, Vin.

You're like some strange mixture of a noblewoman, a street urchin, and a cat. That's kind of like a homicidal hat trick. My favorite PoV was TenSoon. The Kandra culture was such an interesting addition to the story just one more in depth facet.

Spook also played such an interesting role as he has grown up and now plays a much bigger part. Sazed is a little lost and still in morning after losing the woman he loved and has lost faith.

In searching through all the religions he has carried all these years he hopes to find answers but it seems that not one of them is perfect.

Some of his ponderings of religions and faith were so interesting. I usually zone out at stuff like this as it can sometimes be preachy but I never felt like that and some of his discussions about religions and faith were the parts I loved in this book.

The struggles that he had with himself and what he has become. View all 39 comments. The world building is just ecstatic and I love it, I felt like I was part of the world whilst reading this series, I have a clear picture of Luthadel,Fadrex, Urthea and the other towns in my head.

We get to know how Inquisitors,Koloss and Kandra are made in this book. Now that I know more about Rashek the Lord Ruler I no longer hate him I just feel bad for him but still that is no excuse for all he did. She made her way to the top and became my favourite female protagonist, Vin grew and changed from the scared paranoid girl we met in the first book to this confident woman, She is not arrogant nor selfish and I adore that part of her. She loves Elend a lot and their relationship always makes me smile like an idiot.

I love that they trust each other even when they could not talk about their plans view spoiler [ Cause Ruin is ominipresent and can hear them and will know how they want to stop him hide spoiler ]. She smiled, then kissed him. I'm not that bad. A Tineye would pick you out in seconds. And, don't you possess an imperial scent as well? Either way, you're not good enough to go with me, Elend.

I'm sorry. Dear blunt Vin. Is by far my best character development in this book. He is so badass now and I just could not believe it. He changed from the slovenly nobleman to this guy that is ruling and fight amongst his soldiers like who would have thought Elend Venture will be great at that. Spoiler if you are yet to read the first two books.

It's a strange foundation for a relationship, wouldn't you say? Then, he eyed her. I love his honesty a lot and the way he cares for Vin and rescued her in the first book. He is the only one that did not change, The only change in him is that he is just less selfish view spoiler [ and has a girlfriend, Arilanne who is also a soother like him.

The philosopher who is also a thug a person who burns pewter and has super strength. He really is selfless he left his wife and children to fight in the war.

I felt so bad when he said that he knows Vin and Elend more than his own children. Remember the crazy guy that died in book two, apparently he is not mad view spoiler [ It was Ruin that was in his head,controlling him and telling him what to do hide spoiler ]. I feel so sad for him now that I know what actually happened to him. The rest of the characters are also important but discussing about them will only make this review longer than it is now. PLOT The plot blew me away, what is that!!

I love and hate the ending, all strings were tied nothing was left hanging, There is nothing more that I would have added everything fits perfectly. After Vin mistakenly freed Ruin from the well of ascension he is hell bent on destroying the world, The mist is now killing people and ash is falling more and more not to mention earthquakes and volcanos. Spook, Sazed and Breeze are in another town trying to get the cache but had some difficulties that Spook fixed. TenSoon is in Kandra Homeland and Marsh is still an Inquisitor view spoiler [ and is now the killing machine for Ruin, He hates himself and is suicidal but cannot kill himself because Ruin is in control of his body hide spoiler ].

As we all guessed they defeated Ruin at last, Vin with the help of Preservation destroyed Ruin and Elend made sure Ruin could not get to his body that will apparently make him stronger. At the center of the flowers, he found two people. Vin lay wearing her customary mistcloak, shirt, and trousers.

Elend was in a brilliant white uniform, complete with cape. They were holding hands as they lay amid the flowers. And they were both dead. They were both killed by Marsh who is controlled by Ruin. I will get better at this with time, I expect. However, be assured that I have spoken with our friends, and they are quite happy where they are. They deserve a rest, I think.

View all 25 comments. I love how everything tied in at the end - I'm usually good at guessing everything but I kept being shocked by this book. The characters' growth was enjoyable to watch, the magic system and the world building became more and more complex which I adored! I can't wait to continue with the next ones!

View all 4 comments. I don't even have words to describe the last book in this series. I finished last night and I'm still trying to wrap my head around everything that happened in this last book.

To be completely honest, my heart is a bit broke as well. Bloody hell! Kudos Brandon Sanderson!

See a Problem?

I bow down to your world building, your amazing magical system and for breaking my heart! View all 22 comments. All the stars!!!

Im not crying, you are. I wrote a longer review talking about how much I loved depression rep and the romance rep in this book and the whole trilogy. Thank you The Mistborn trilogy for becoming my new favorite trilogy of all time. Thank you Brandon Sanderson for making me cry because your books are masterpieces. Just a few things I wanted point out from this magnificent read: That ending This book made me cry at least 5 times. I love it. I love it with all my heart.

I ask of you your faith, and your honor—your strength, and your compassion. For today, I lead you to die. I will not ask you to welcome this event. I will not insult you by calling it well, or just, or even glorious. View all 10 comments. The mists come during the day, killing both crops and people.

Men march to war. Ruin has returned. A dark force bent on the utter destruction of the world has been freed from the invisible shackles that once bound it. The mists are engulfing the outer dominances, murdering people in the darkness. But in the centre of it all stand Vin, recognised in the Final Empire as 3. But in the centre of it all stand Vin, recognised in the Final Empire as the fabled Hero of Ages, the one destined to save the world. This book is the last chapter of a legend.

The Final Empire was a book about revolution, about standing standing up against oppression and fight for a better world. The Well of Ascension was a book about politics and civil war, about struggling to hold up a beacon of hope in a world of erupting chaos. And finally there is The Hero of Ages , a book about the ultimate struggle between preservation and ruin, about the struggle to survive through the end of the world itself.

An interesting part of this book is its focus on religious and political fanaticism. There are fervent believers building their lives and thinking their thoughts based on both the Lord Ruler and the Church of the Survivor, both among the allies and the opponents of our protagonists.

There are both extremely conservative and extremely radical dictators ruling their respective cities with iron fists in the name of the common good. While the fanatics themselves are rather intolerable characters, they illustrate the dangers of extremism particularly well, something that appears to be a main point for Sanderson in writing this novel. A rather unforunate aspect about the book is I can't believe I'm saying this , the immensely high level of nostalgia involved.

The Hero of Ages

I almost always enjoy a bit of nostalgia when reading fantasy. When I've read an astonishing fantasy tale, I love being able to read a sequel that manages to look back and turn past events into legends. This book does that, so why am I disappointed? Because the nostalgia here makes the first book even better than it already was, while doing nothing at all for the third. Almost every scene in every chapter includes some mention of something or someone that is no more or how no one can stand up to the ideals and examples provided by the past.

It seems even Sanderson realised that nothing could possibly be better than the first book in the series, so he looked back on that one with great fondness while writing this one. Vin begins to doubt herself, Elend begins to doubt himself, even Sazed begins to doubt himself.

When one considers that lots of enjoyable characters have also been lost along the path, the book is left with a bunch of uncertain people who have lost faith in everything from the gods to themselves. To their credit, they are all still fighting a desperate fight to save the world, but that does not make them any more interesting in my eyes.

The antagonist is not as interesting as the antagonists of the first and second books, and more of a traditional 'pure evil' fantasy villain despite eagerly claiming otherwise. Some characters, like Spook, get more interesting in this instalment, and some new characters, like Yomen, are definitely interesting additions to the series.

Ultimately though, this book was character-wise a low point. So, did I hate this book so much that I'm only able to say negative things about it? Not at all. There are lots of positive things to say, but those things are often overlooked, because they've been a part of the series since the first book. Like Sanderson's flawless writing. Like the greatly interesting magic system known as Allomancy.

Like the short, but astounding logbook entries that so elegantly introduce each chapter of the book. Like Sazed's hundreds of fascinating religions. And like the lowborn girl who became the most powerful Mistborn in the Empire, and the light-hearted, idealistic nobleman by her side. The book was filled to the brim with twists and revelations.

Most of them were fairly predictable, but others again were not, and all of them were perfectly timed. The ending itself was as good as it could be. I cannot call it a satisfying conclusion those of you who have read this book will understand that , but it was an ending worthy of a trilogy as breathtaking as this one. The balance between whom we wish to be and whom we need to be. But for now, we simply have to be satisfied with who we are.

I must admit that I was disappointed, but that disappointment may lie with my expectations prior to starting the book and not with the book itself. I had thought Sanderson would fulfil those expectations, and he did not, but it was still a great experience, and a great conclusion to an absolutely amazing series.

And the Mistborn trilogy as a whole is something different altogether. There have been upsides and downsides to it, mostly the former, and in the end I must say that I am thankful to have been able to venture forth into the lands of the Final Empire and experience one of the greatest fantasy stories ever written through the eyes of Vin and her companions.

You can trust that somebody is watching. Trust that somebody will make it all right. View 2 comments.Thank you The Mistborn trilogy for becoming my new favorite trilogy of all time. The threat to the Final Empire transcends the capabilities of a normal man; he had to become much more.

I will get better at this with time, I expect. I love this series so much but never made it available to you guys. Feruchemy is the power of Balance.