The Book Thief is a historical novel by Australian author Markus Zusak and is his most popular work. Published in , The Book Thief became an international. The Book Thief is the story of a young girl. Living with her adoptive family, she grows a love for books and gradually understands the power of words, for both. the book thief book HINDI NEWS. motor vehicle thief देखिए कैसे भीड़ में पलक झपकते ही गायब हो जाती है बाइक -. जबलपुर1 साल पहले.

The Book Thief In Hindi

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The Book Thief Movie Review, User Rating, Film Story & Trailer. Check Latest Hindi Movies, Hollywood Movie Release Dates & Critics Review. Get free homework help on Markus Zusak's The Book Thief: book summary, chapter summary and analysis, quotes, and character analysis courtesy of. The Book Thief was on the New York Times best-seller list for weeks and has been translated into over 40 languages. But, 'I feel removed.

I just thought that we always say that war and death are like best friends, so who better to be hanging around during wartime?

It was a very complicated thing to get right, though. Were there many changes to the plot? Do you wish you had written anything differently? I think enough time has passed now for me not to regret anything about The Book Thief. Sometimes I went too far, but maybe that was necessary.


I was also still very young when I was writing that book. How difficult was it to write a book differently about a subject as well explored as life in Nazi Germany?

I never thought of it as a Holocaust novel or even a book set in Nazi Germany, to be honest. All your books have characters that love reading. Curiously none of them goes to school. Is this a deliberate pattern?

I do also like the idea that anyone can love books. A good friend of mine and I are always talking about routines, and getting into good ones and then sticking with them. Showing of 3, reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

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‘Books don’t care how educated you are’

Though this movie creates some heartbreak, it is a beautiful movie, based on the wonderful book. The cast was perfectly chosen and they were all amazing. Sometimes I feel like people might think I am morbid because I think movie with outcomes such as this can be beautiful, but I really am not morbid. The story is beautiful, the things that can be learned are beautiful, and the writing is more than beautiful.

I am picky about the writing of these kinds of stories, but I was very impressed and pleased and they created this movie with the feelings you get from the vivid imagery in the book. Prime Video Verified download. People often wonder how people-of-conscience in Germany could have allowed the Nazis to gather so much power and perpetrate the atrocities of the Holocaust. This touching drama, offers insight.

The Book Thief

Excellent acting and writing bring alive average people living under and reacting to a fascist regime. Spoiler alert We see Germany through the eyes of a young girl, Liesl, and the couple who takes her in to get extra rations when her mother, running from the roundups of Communists, can no longer care for her. When a young Jewish man, Max, runs to them for help, the husband takes him in, bound by honor to a promise to Max's father.

Subsisting in the basement over next couple of years, Max sees the spark of intelligence and curiosity in Liesl who thirsts for words. He encourages her to read and to write; she inspires him to live when he becomes deathly ill.

The characters feel real and balanced, making tiny rebellions and survival-based compromises to live in frightening times. There is no villain, other than the disembodied Hitler, just people reacting for good or ill to a militarized society.

Although the story is filled with tragedy from the very beginning, this is not a story about the horrors of the camps. It is about the effect of loss and oppression on everyday people. More importantly, it is about how the human spirit can miraculously survive overwhelming odds. It is a book about curiosity and creativity and how words can transform a prison and capture the emotions and colors of life. It about the spark of goodness that can be found in unexpected places.

I recommend this highly, despite the fact that I do not like tragedies. For those concerned about such things, there is no gore or sex. There is minimal swearing, which might not even be considered to be by some.

There is death, war, and implied inhumanity to man, which are so much more offensive to me. BoardGameGeek reviewer EndersGame. DVD Verified download. This film was based on the novel of the same name by Markus Zusak.

Ratings and Reviews

Liesel is a young girl who is taken in by a foster family in Germany. There are some particularly fine performances from the actors who play Liesel Sophie Nelisse and her adoptive father Geoffrey Rush , and their characterization is very good.

I also appreciated how the film shows the effect of the war on ordinary German civilians, some of whom were caught up in the patriotism, but others who selflessly worked against the regime to protect life. This offers a fresh perspective on a subject World War 2 which often sees the same ground covered in films, but fortunately that is not the case here.

The film is rated PG, but mostly due to the violence that forms the background to the story and is more implied than shown; there's no real blood or gore. Without needing to resorting to graphic violence, the film shows the very real effect of war on lives like Liesel's.

It also has a very positive message about self-sacrifice and love for the neighbour. While there are many good aspects to the film, it still felt mediocre and disappointing.

The personification of Death as narrator was jarring and confusing, and his message about the perplexity of human life was unclear; it's an empty message that offers no real hope, despite attempting to tug at heart-strings.

Also unclear was the concept of how words have the power of life, and the title "Book Thief" only played a minor role in the film. From what I have learned subsequently, the book that the plot is based on emphasizes this much more strongly, and many people who have come from the book and watched the film found it a very unsatisfying adaptation.

There's also several instances of blasphemy that are more typical of a modern audience rather than pre-war Germany. Overall, perhaps this is a case of: Read the book, don't watch the movie. The fact that some group of humans can classify another group of humans as a lesser group and massacre them is inconceivable. But it has happened many times in the past and even in modern times.

Just because they were another race. This movie does an astounding job at depicting life during that time and the difficulties both groups faced as a result of Hitler's regime. The characters in the movie are alive and compassionate. The innocent girl Liesel powerfully demonstrates the raw emotions and thoughts throughout her experience. Liesel is traveling on a train with her mother Heike Makatsch and younger brother when her brother dies.

At his burial she picks up a book that has been dropped by his graveside a gravedigger's manual. Rudy accompanies her on her first day of school.

When the teacher asks Liesel to write her name on the chalkboard, she is only able to write three 'X's, showing that she doesn't know how to read. Later that day, she is taunted by her schoolmates who chant "dummkopf", "stupid" in German.

One of the boys, Franz Deutscher, challenges her to read just one word to which Liesel responds by beating him up. She impresses Rudy and they become fast friends. When Hans, her stepfather, realizes that Liesel cannot read, he begins to teach her, using the book that she took from the graveside.

Liesel becomes obsessed with reading anything she can get her hands on. Liesel and Rudy become members of the Hitler Youth movement.

While at a Nazi book burning ceremony, Liesel and Rudy are bullied into throwing books onto the bonfire by Franz, but Liesel is upset to see the books being burned. When the bonfire ends and everyone but she has left, she grabs a book that has not been burned. Hans discovers that she has taken the book and tells her she must keep it a secret from everyone. One day, Rosa asks Liesel to take the laundry to the mayor's house.

Liesel realizes that the woman who saw her taking the book is the mayor's wife and she is scared she will be found out. Instead, Ilsa takes her into their library and tells Liesel she can come by anytime and read as much as she'd like.

The Book Thief by Zusak: Summary & Analysis

Liesel also finds out about Johann here, who was the son of Ilsa and is now missing. She realizes Ilsa feels deeply about the loss of her son and thus, had made a library to commemorate him.

One day Liesel is found reading by the mayor who not only puts a stop to her visits but dismisses Rosa as their laundress. Liesel continues to "borrow" books from the mayor's library by climbing through a window.

There is a night of violence against the Jews known historically as Kristallnacht.Hans returns home after being injured, and the family is reunited only for a short time. Liesel becomes captivated with reading anything she can.. All he can tell her is that humans haunt him. Like Liesel's father, Liesel's mother dies, but Liesel eventually realizes her mother gave her away to protect her.

Humanity is something that everyone should treasure in their hearts, but can be pushed aside by other emotions like hatred, anger, and resentment. She realizes Ilsa feels deeply about the loss of her son and thus, had made a library to commemorate him.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. In an ironic twist, it is this book that holds the key to Max's life.