William Tyndale's New Testament and Pentateuch. You can download and install this module in the Bible-Discovery Software from menu. THE TYNDALE BIBLE ()1. William Tyndale (c. –) was an English scholar who translated the New Testament and parts of the Old Testament into. T˙ Holy Scriptures. Based on t˙ Firbill and wash it out in the bitter water. And when the cursing water is in her that .

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A facsimile of Tyndale's New Testament with both title pages added to make it a complete edition. This is the first English translation of the Bible from Hebrew and Greek. It was done by William Tyndale in This is the New Testament. The Tyndale Bible usually refers to the translations of various books of the Bible by William Tyndale in the s. His work is credited with being the first English.

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Download a Bible Recommended Links. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Thus, the hallmark of Protestantism is a lawless grace that is contrary to the teachings of Jesus and His apostles. As the Reformation began in England, Tyndale was perhaps the most powerful influence through his translations of the Old and New Testaments as well as his other writings.

Bible (Tyndale)

Tyndale wrote about human nature, Satan, sin, law, grace, mercy, forgiveness and the love of God. Yet, the clergy of England, for political reasons as well as jealousy, rejected his clear teachings on law and grace.

As a result, when the Bible was finally allowed to be printed in English, beginning in , only the Scriptures were printed.

Thus, an uninspired clergy, through faulty interpretations of the Scriptures, gradually developed a doctrine of lawless grace. Contrary to Protestant or Catholic theology, Tyndale correctly understood law and grace.

He clearly understood the difference between practicing vain works of human religious traditions and superstitions as opposed to keeping the commandments and laws of God from the heart.

Moreover, he fully comprehended that justification of past sins comes only by deep personal repentance toward God and faith in the blood of Christ for forgiveness, followed by baptism.

He understood that eternal life cannot come through any law—rather it is the gift of God through the power of the Holy Spirit. And the ten commandments are comprehended in these two: love God and thy neighbour.

In an era of gross superstition and spiritual ignorance, it is astounding that William Tyndale had such a deep and profound spiritual understanding of the Scriptures.

Tyndale Exposed and Rejected the Evils and Corruption of Roman Catholicism Tyndale wrote extensively against the evils and corruption of Roman Catholicism using the most impassioned words possible.

He denounced the foolish ceremonies of the Mass and the evil and fearful superstitions instilled in the people by the clergy in order to keep the people in bondage to Rome. In his day, William Tyndale was one of many who were raising their voices against the Church of Rome and the abuses of the papacy.

However, because he was translating and printing the Bible in English, he was their number one enemy. He vehemently opposed the pope, the Roman Catholic Church and their teachings as those of Antichrist.

But in the spring of , while Tyndale was living in Antwerp, a traitor named Henry Phillips was stalking Tyndale at the behest and hire of the Catholic authorities. After befriending Tyndale, Phillips arranged to betray him and led the authorities to entrap and arrest him.

Tyndale was arrested in May , and they imprisoned him at Vilvorde Castle, near Brussels, where he remained until his death in October Daniell, William Tyndale: A Biography, pp. While in prison Tyndale continued to translate the Old Testament. His friend and assistant John Rogers, frequently visited Tyndale and compiled the rest of his Old Testament translation. He was strangled at the stake, and his dead body then burned….

Many were moved to repent and turn to God. In , he renounced the pope, furthering the reformation and establishing the Church of England as the state church.

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The separation from Rome was the first step that eventually led Henry VIII to order the English Bible to be placed in all churches in England, printed under license from the king in Authorities note that the so-called Matthews Bible was actually the work of Rogers. William Tyndale—one man against the world, empowered by the Spirit of God, filled with the love of God, and thirsting for the Word of God—translated the Scriptures into English with selfless sacrifice and dedicated determination.

From his day to the present, the English Bible, beginning with his translations, has impacted the civilizations of English-speaking people far more than any other book.So determined was Tyndale that he was willing to defy the pope himself—who vehemently opposed any effort to translate the Scriptures into English.

All Old Testament English versions descend from Tyndale; even of the books of the Old Testament which he did not reach. When they checked his home, they found a Lollard Bible in his possession.

Tyndale Bible

Add to Wish List. As I hope we will see, he is in many senses a crucial linking figure, both vertically — linking in his person and work the humanist enterprise of the academic elite to the pastoral needs of England's common people — and horizontally — linking England's Lollard past with its Puritan future.

We therefore decree and ordain, that no man, hereafter, by his own authority translate any text of the Scripture into English or any other tongue Open the King of England's eyes.