A multi-published author shares his proven book proposal template along with detailed instructions on how to write a book proposal that will get. Now, this guide and the book proposal template complement one another, so you 've got two ways to go about this. If you'd like to refer back to. You've poured your heart into the pages of your book. Customize this book proposal template to persuade a publisher to print & vend your bestseller.

Book Proposal Template

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Competing Books. About the Author. List of Chapters. Chapter-by-Chapter Summary. Sample Chapters. SAMPLE NEW BOOK PROPOSAL. Below is a sample of. Here is a basic template for a book proposal, which many of our clients have used successfully. You are also welcome to listen to free audio recordings of Ted's. Most non-fiction is sold via a book proposal - a structured outline of the book you Includes plenty of examples and a book proposal template you can follow.

He could write decently. He felt that his material was incredibly important, and that sense of passion communicated itself freely and authentically in his writing. There was a real dearth of books offering the slant and angle that he could bring to bear.

In I spent three months in the Himalayas investigating how young Tibetan monks and nuns were trained from the age of eight. The purpose of their curriculum is … [then got into some detail on how those monks and nuns were trained.

Because — wow! I want to know about that! Because the information is delivered in a way that drains all the exoticism, all the human interest, out of the anecdote. Just a piece of information offered without any human colour. Worse still, the proposed book was all about bringing higher human values into education.

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This drily delivered, almost ignored anecdote could actually work as a touchstone for the entire book. A rose light is creeping up the flank of Mount Yabbedeedoodha across the valley. Down in the still twilit valley, I can see water buffalo and yak drowsily munching.

This is a time when all humans should still be in bed or, at best, brewing the first cup of coffee to get ready for the day ahead. The youngest of them is only eight. The oldest is sixteen.

It places the author and the reader in some very special place. Located in a precise place and time. Why are we here? What are these child-monks about to teach this Westerner? If you can get your actual writing to strike the right seductive tone, you will succeed. And if not? Well, you will probably fail, because in the end readers will read your book for pleasure and interest.

You need to deliver those things, or die. Get one of our professional editors to review your book proposal and give you detailed advice on what to fix and how to fix it.

Our full range of editorial services is here. We have a fantastic video course on how to get published — it just tells you everything you could possibly want to know about how to find agents, how to choose agents, how to write query letters, and much more besides.

How to Write a Non-Fiction Book Proposal (with Template)

The course is relatively expensive to download outright, so most users will want simply to take out a Jericho Writers membership details here. Members of Jericho Writers get access to all our video courses for free.

And all our filmed masterclasses. And our proprietary and world-leading agent database. And a whole heap more as well. So why wait? Come join us. Harry Bingham has been a professional author for twenty years and more. More about Harry , more about his books. More about us. Agent submission builder Get an agent in one hour.

Indie marketing masterclass A self-publishing essential. How to write a novel Your free, expert tutorials. Join the list, get your gifts. Write a succinct synopsis, the easy way Write a professional query letter, the easy way Based on over twelve years of working with agents. Quick Simple Easy. How will we use your data? If you want more info, you can get it here. Build a strong underlying story structure Ensure your characters evolve with the plot Make the hardest part of writing that little bit easier.

We will now review your request and get in touch with you. Write a perfect query letter and a brilliant synopsis. In just one hour. Redraft your manuscript like a pro, with this easy guide. How to Write a Book Proposal Includes plenty of examples and a book proposal template you can follow.

Nice outcome, right? Easy, right? The secret to getting an agent. Free submission pack template. What is a book proposal? And what do publishers want from it? There are dozens of dud proposals for every one good one, so any publisher will want to know: What do you want to write about?

Why do you think anyone would be interested?

Book Proposal Template

What other titles are there in your area? Or, to be rather more accurate: Why is the particular angle you bring feel urgent, necessary and compelling? What qualifies you to write on this topic?

Why should anyone listen to you? What platform do you have to generate publicity or visibility for your book? Answers might include large followings on social media, or a regular broadcast presence, or a position as columnist on a major national newspaper or magazine. But a great title counts for a huge amount. A good title should do two things. It should communicate what the book is about, but it should also do that in a sexy, edgy, novel, exciting way.

A book called Eat, Pray, Love could just be an international hit. Or just think how many extra sales Yuvral Noah Harari achieved by calling his first book simply Sapiens. Do likewise.

Intended word count: But say something. A , word book would be about pages in print, so think roughly how long you want your finished book to feel. Anything over , words will have a slightly epic quality for the reader and be more expensive for the publisher to produce , so only aim for high or very high word counts if the subject matter is really worth it. The American Civil War: One somewhat interesting murder in Minnesota: So they will also want to know: The pitch to the reader: How would you go about pitching the book to a reader , rather than to a publisher?

Does that pitch feel compelling, or a bit flat? Writing skills: Can you write decently? What is the actual experience of reading your book going to be like? Detailed subject matter: What is your book actually about? But what will be the actual, detailed, chapter by chapter content? What should be in your book proposal: A Template. A good standard proposal template might run roughly as follows. So things may vary, but a good place to start is as follows: A covering letter or query letter Your covering letter will deal with the following elements: Explain what the book is about.

Explain who you think will be interested. So why does it needs yours? Why is yours the one that readers will want to pick up, given the vast range of options they already have? Explain in brief who you are. In some cases it can help to explain why you felt driven to write this book. If you were writing a book on silence, you might want to mention say that you had spent six months living, in silence, as a hermit.

How to write a book proposal

Explain what documents you are presenting. A professional bio Your self-description needs to cover usually two elements: Even here, do bear in mind your audience. That platform will include any way you have of reaching your target audience: Do note that publisher have pretty high standards here.

Have 15, Twitter follows? And what happens if you have neither platform nor authority? Can you get their commitment before the manuscript is completed? Media and Speaking Appearances: Does this book or your prior experience give you credentials to speak on any current topics in the media?

What are the topics and target outlets? Beyond book stores, what other types of groups and organizations would be interested in having you speak to them? What parts of your book lend themselves to excerpting in magazines and journals? List the appropriate excerpts and the 5 or 10 most important publications in which they could appear? Describe additional promotional opportunities you will pursue: Retaining a speakers bureau to book speaking opportunities.

Retaining an independent publicist. Organizational connections? Mailing lists? Does the book have series potential? Opportunities for regular updating? Think creatively, think big. Include the full Table of Contents, with detailed summaries of each chapter.

Book Proposal Template – 15+ Free Word, Excel, PDF Format Download!

This section could be anywhere from three to 20 pages — it needs to give a comprehensive, detailed map of what the book will contain.

Include the first one or two chapters — not the introduction, but sample chapters that offer an accurate sense of the style, substance and structure of the book. Overview Describe your book in two or three paragraphs words or less.

Target Audiences Who is your core audience, the most likely downloadrs of this book?Take these lessons in mind when studying the book proposal template. How to write a novel Your free, expert tutorials. In doing that, you would need to answer the following questions:. I want to know about that!

Why is it this way? The willingness to enter into grief and allow it to become a process for spiritual formation. You are trying to accomplish two things with this section: prove there is an audience who would find your book interesting, as demonstrated by earlier, successful books, while making clear how yours is different enough to compel those readers — and others — to download it. But once anyone could self-publish and everyone had access to every book ever published, the game changed.

But we do also need to give publishers a really good taste of the work itself, which means you will also need to supply: A.