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Treatment Guideline for Homoeopathic Medicine. Founder of Homoeopathy. Dr. Christian Fredrich Samuel Hahnemann. (). Practitioners and patients of functional medicine, integrative medicine, naturopathic medicine, and homeopathic medicine will LOVE this e-course!. Praise. “This book provides a clear, readable, accurate presentation of the principles of homeopathic treatment. It will help people decide when.

The following homeopathic remedies can be very helpful in healing boils: Arnica Montana : addresses small boils that come in crops, one after another, that are extremely sore, especially when touched. Hepar sulphuricum: When the person with a boil is irritable, even violent. They may be oversensitive mentally and physically—to a word, to contact, to pressure of dressings, etc. They are very chilly and want to be wrapped up.

The boil is exquisitely sensitive and sharply painful. Lachesis : This remedy can help with very painful boils that become bluish and form rapidly. The person is worse from heat and very excitable. They are so sensitive to touch that they cannot tolerate any covering on the boil. Silica : Boils may be hardened, and their discharges can be offensive.

They can also be accompanied by swollen glands. Silica is useful after Hepar sulph has acted well but not finished the healing. Can be used to promote opening of the boil and discharging. People needing both of these remedies tend to feel chilly; is a bit slower to develop and not as sharply painful. Sulphur : This remedy can be useful in cases where there is a frequent return of boils. Symptoms include burning, redness, flushes of heat, and boils that come in groups.

Some homeopaths have noted that by giving Arnica while the boil is inflamed and swollen, and a dose of Sulphur occasionally after it has healed, the predisposition to boils may be gradually removed.

There is a tremendous amount of evidence that breastfeeding improves immune function in infants. According to the U.

These challenges can be incredibly frustrating and even result in new moms discontinuing breastfeeding entirely. Introducing homeopathy to breastfeeding moms can be tremendously helpful in addressing these challenges and help to make the breastfeeding experience more enjoyable for all.

Plus, homeopathic remedies are safe for breastfeeding moms and infants, without a risk of negative or dangerous side effects. When choosing a remedy one should examine the breasts to see if there is any discoloration or visible swelling or anything unusual about the nipples. The texture and appearance of the milk produced should also be examined.

Finally, observe whether the child has any problems with feeding. Nitricum acidum: for bleeding and painful cracks. Phytolacca : For sore, cracked nipples, which hurt when the baby nurses.

One of the most commonly used remedies for mastitis, especially where the pains radiate from the affected area and the breast is hard and lumpy. The patient may feel heavy with flu like symptoms, or may have a breast abscess threatening. Worse on the right side. Breast s is red, hot and hard and can be marked by red streaks. The patient is very uncomfortable being touched or jarred and may have a craving for lemons or lemonade. Bryonia : Breasts are very painful with motion and the patient is quite irritable.

While the breasts are hot and painful as well as hard they are not as red as with Belladonna. Problem can be worse around PM. Mucus membranes of patient may also be dry lips, etc.

They are worse from any motion and better from pressure to the breast. They also tend to be very thirsty. Calcarea carb : Breasts can be hot and swollen but pale in color. The patient will complain of being chilly with a tendency to perspire in fact they can perspire even when cold.

There may be production of excess watery milk or deficiency of milk. The milk may also disagree with the child. The woman is worse from exertion or a cold room and has a strong craving for eggs and a strong desire for dairy including cheese.

Warmth makes the patient feel better. Pulsatilla : Breast milk can be watery, suppressed or blocked or flow profusely.

The flow may also be quite variable. The patient tends to have symptoms that change often. They also tend to be yielding in nature and easily brought to tears with a warm personality. They can cry while nursing the baby. Patient is worse in a warm room and much better in open air. They are also thirstless. Urtica urens: No breast milk is produced at all and there does not seem to be a cause for the problem.

Breasts can be swollen with stinging pains like the sting of a bee. The breasts may also itch. Patient can also experience a stinging or itching rash.

There is an aggravation from cold and cold bathing. Milk Supply Problems Calcarea carb : Breasts can be hot and swollen but pale in color. Lac caninum: will address milk flow issues that switch from side to side. The patient may feel a conflict between nursing and the sexuality of her breasts.

Ricinus communis: can help increase milk secretion. Make sure to use in the right potency because different potencies of Ricinus act differently in the body - 6C improves milk secretion while 30C reduces milk supply and is used for weaning.

Weaning When to wean is a personal decision. To allow both mom and baby to adjust physically and emotionally to the change, weaning should be a gradual process. She then went to a homeopathic doctor. Not only did her symptoms go away rapidly, they never returned.

It is hard to imagine, but during the early s this powerful woman was literally brought to her knees by a diagnosis of tuberculosis. She initially sought conventional medical treatment, but continued to suffer, until she sought care from Chandra Sharma, MD , a homeopathic doctor in England.

Tina considered him her doctor and her friend. He passed away in , and she wrote in her autobiography: She does not deprive herself. She sips wine at dinner, does not diet, does not take vitamins. In her autobiography, she wrote: He is considered one of the greatest South American writers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Perhaps the most well-known of his many novels is One Hundred Years of Solitude. Many of his writings are drawn from his own life. Because his father was trained as a medical doctor and a pharmacist who practiced homeopathy, this medical subject has been a part of several of his novels and short stories.

Then, struggling in poverty when her husband abandons her and her eleven children, she seeks to make a better life for her family by making a living as a homeopathic pharmacist. Shaw is the only person The test to which all methods of treatment are finally brought is whether they are lucrative to doctors or not.

It would be difficult to cite any proposition less obnoxious to science than that advanced by Hahnemann, to wit, that drugs which in large doses produced certain symptoms, counteract them in very small doses, just as in modern practice it is found that a sufficiently small inoculation with typhoid rallies our powers to resist the disease instead of prostrating us with it. But Hahnemann and his followers were frantically persecuted for a century by generations of apothecary-doctors whose incomes depended on the quantity of drugs they could induce their patients to swallow.

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These two cases of ordinary vaccination and homeopathy are typical of all the rest. He continued: It has really nothing to do with science. Under such circumstances vaccination would be defended desperately were it twice as dirty, dangerous and unscientific in method as it really is.

This accumulation of fluid around the testicle normally requires surgery, but Shaw experienced a rapid cure without recurrence. Wright expressed complete incredulity, while Shaw retorted that Wright had no scientific attitude or simple curiosity. This short conversation was a classic:.

Would you, Shaw, trouble to get out of your chair if I called from the next room. Jerome David Salinger, — , known as J. Salinger, gained his reputation as a result of Salinger , gained his reputation as a result of his novel The Catcher in the Rye Salinger wrote a couple of other books after this and several short stories, but ultimately, he has become one of the most private and reclusive modern-day authors.

He spends several hours each day studying homeopathic books, and he regularly prescribes homeopathic medicines to people and animals. At one point, Maynard describes a visit by her mother, who had an infected toe at the time. After an interview with her, Jerry prescribed a homeopathic medicine, and within minutes, her toe swelled considerably and then burst, after which the pain disappeared instantly Maynard, , Ludwig van Beethoven — is generally considered the greatest composer in the history of music.

He was born in Bonn, Germany but moved to Vienna in his early twenties to study music with Joseph Haydn. Somewhere around he began suffering from tinnitus noises in the ear and hearing loss. Beethoven also experienced severe gastrointestinal distress, powerful headaches he even had several teeth pulled in the hopes of relieving some of his pain , an abscessed jaw, recurrent rheumatic pains, and frequent cardiac arrhythmia which he set to music in a piano sonata, Opus 81a, Les abieux.

Historians are lucky to have a rich cache of letters to and from Beethoven as well as his Conversation Books , the writing pads that he used to communicate with others when he could no longer hear audible speech. There are references by Beethoven to homeopathy in this written documentation, and it is well known that his doctor between and was Dr.


Anton Braunhofer , a professor of biology at the University of Vienna. Braunhofer also recommended certain dietary changes, including avoidance of wine, coffee, and spices. In late April , Beethoven was suffering from inflammation of his bowel, and in May he was spitting blood. Several sources acknowledge that the treatment allowed him to return to work and finish a quartet in July String Quartet in A Minor, Op.

By August , Beethoven wrote to his associate and early biographer, Anton Schindler: Ultimately, Beethoven expressed such appreciation to and for Dr. Braunhofer that he composed two canons in his honor of forty-three canons in total: Composers such as Beethoven, literary greats such as Goethe, and many others in the creative arts were known to join the political leaders and the wealthy classes of Germans in going to homeopathic doctors and to spas and natural medicine centers in Teplitz, Marienbad, and Driburg Maretzki and Seidler, , — In early February , Ignaz Schuppanzigh — , a violinist, friend, and teacher of Beethoven, assured Beethoven that Braunhofer was very skillful, and further, he told him that their mutual close friend and confident Nikolaus Zmeskall, who had suffered from gout, was particularly enthusiastic about homeopathy Albrecht, , In late February , Braunhofer treated Beethoven for symptoms of dysentery and gout, at which time he discouraged Beethoven from drinking coffee, because, the doctor said, it would be bad for his stomach and his nerves over the long term, even though the stimulant effect would seem to provide temporary relief Mai, , When Beethoven asked Braunhofer to come to Baden to treat him, Braunhofer declined, saying that it was too far a distance to travel.

It should also be noted that even though the emperor of Austria had declared the practice of homeopathic medicine to be illegal in and even though it remained illegal until that emperor died in , homeopathy was still practiced by a small and select group of highly respected physicians and even priests. Matthias Marenzeller , captain of the medical corps in Vienna, was a leading advocate of homeopathy, as was Father Veith — , pastor at the famed St.

Stephens Cathedral in Vienna. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy.

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Mahatma Gandhi —, spiritual leader for independence had strong interest in and support for homeopathy, which Mahatma Gandhi —, spiritual leader for independence had strong interest in and support for homeopathy, which stimulated interest in this school of medical thought and practice. Das and Pandit Motilal Nehru which had led me to seek homeopathic aid. They had always wanted me to give it a trial. On August 30, , after Gandhi, and many of his friends and colleagues, had had positive experiences with homeopathy, Gandhi asserted, in his unique speaking and writing style:.

Homeopathy is the latest and refined method of treating patients economically and nonviolently. Government must encourage and patronize it in our country. Late Dr.

Hahnemann was a man of superior intellectual power and means of saving of human life having a unique medical nerve. I bow before his skill and the Herculean and humanitarian labour he did. His memory wakes us again and you are to follow him, but the opponents hate the existence of the principles and practice of homeopathy which in reality cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and it is beyond all doubt safer and more economical and the most complete medical science.

The appreciation for homeopathy is not limited to literary greats in the Western tradition. Rabindranath Tagore Rabindranath Tagore — is widely recognized as the greatest writer in modern Indian literature.

He was a Bengali poet, novelist, educator, and an early advocate of independence for India. Tagore won the Nobel Prize for Literature in Two years later he was awarded knighthood, but he surrendered it in to protest against the massacre of Amritsar, where British troops killed hundreds of Indian demonstrators. In , he wrote: Mother Teresa — studied homeopathic medicine with Dr. Diwan Jai Chand — , a highly respected Indian Diwan Jai Chand — , a highly respected Indian homeopath whose two sons and grandson are also leaders of Indian homeopathy.

Lindsay Wagner — is an actress best known for her starring and Emmy-winning role on The Lindsay Wagner — is an actress best known for her starring and Emmy-winning role on The Bionic Woman and her socially significant television films.

This superwoman has authored books on both vegetarianism and acupressure and has significant respect for homeopathy. She serves on the advisory board of the National Center for Homeopathy www.

She wrote me personally to acclaim her deep appreciation for homeopathy: It is an exquisite and powerful form of bringing the body and emotions back to balance and health. I am eternally grateful to those who brought this special modality to my attention. None known. Effects of radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery. Heavy metal poisoning. Chronic mercury intoxication. Cancer diathesis. Clinical Notations. Germanium is an immune modulator and enhancer and has attributes of oxygen enrichment and antioxidant properties.

It has been used to stimulate the immune system, and for treatment or diseases such as cancer, AIDS, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus erythematosus. Organic germanium has been clinically shown to stimulate the production of immune gamma interferon; activate resting macrophages and convert them to cytoxic killer macrophages; stimulate natural killer cell activity, the production of T suppressor cells, and to augment decreased immunity and restore impaired immuno-response in aged mice.

It counteracts environmental toxins, such as mercury from dental amalgam for fillings, and household products such as thermometers and batteries; lead, in paints, pipes, automobile and industrial exhausts; cadmium, also found in batteries; and radiation from atmospheric fallout, medical and dental procedures, and industrial uses of radioactive products, such as irradiation of food….

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Tests have shown that organic germanium inhibits DNA RNA and protein synthesis of these cancer cells at very low concentrations. Other studies have shown its positive results against colon, lung and myeloma type cancers, and also to increase the lifespan of animals with certain types of cancers, by activating immune mechanisms, including macrophages, natural killer cells, interferon and T suppressor cells.

Sher Posology. Pathogenetic Trials. Sher Pharmacology. Germanium is a lustrous, hard, grayish-white metalloid of the carbon group, chemically similar to its group neighbors tin and silicon.

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Purified germanium is a semiconductor, with an appearance similar to elemental silicon. Like silicon, germanium reacts and forms complexes with oxygen on nature. Unlike silicon iy is too reactive to be found naturally in the free native state. It was discovered in by the German chemist Clemens Winkler, along with sulfur and silver, in the rare mineral argyrodite.

Winkler named it germanium in honor of his country. Germanium is used as a semiconductor in electronics. It is also used in fiber optics, infrared optics, and in solar cells. Germanium compounds are applied in nanowire production, and for polymerization catalysts.

Since it forms a large number of organometallic compounds germanium has found wide application in organometallic chemistry. Germanium is nephrotoxic, and compounds with halogens and hydrogen are irritants and transdermal toxins.

Germanium supplements have been marketed as an alternative treatment of leukemia and lung cancer.While it is most often a problem for children - it can affect people of all ages. Mania, delirium, or diabolical delusions may be present. While the breasts are hot and painful as well as hard they are not as red as with Belladonna.

They may cluster in crops on the forehead and tend to form pustules and whiteheads easily. They are worse from warmth and better from cold air and cold applications. Somewhere around he began suffering from tinnitus noises in the ear and hearing loss. As Dana walked back to the stage, he wondered what deeply spiritual question he was going to ask me.