New Term at Malory Towers first published in Great Britain Felicity, who was getting a little tired of hearing the new neighbours' daughter referred to as a. New Term at Malory Towers - Enid Blyton - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. New Term at Malory Towers - Enid Blyton. Book Lover Yes, there are some PDF's online. Just go online and Google: New Term at Malory Towers. It should pop up. You might have to go to a website and.

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Winter Term at Malory Towers · Read more · New Term at Malory Towers. Read more Malory 04 - Upper Fourth At Malory Towers · Read more. Darrell has left, and Felicity is head of the third form. And what a lot she has to deal with!. Malory Towers is a series of six novels by English children's author Enid Blyton. The series is In the seventh book, New Term at Malory Towers, Felicity battles with clingy friends as well . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

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When they discover a very old, valuable gold coin, the myth becomes real. Instead she said. Then Felicity. Matron comes in to do her inspection.

One of the beds already had a pair of slippers placed neatly beside it. And that the only way to bring her down to earth was for her to attend a good. But she had no time to retort. Felicity said coolly. We have to do everything ourselves. Malory Towers is much nearer for them. The girls guessed that they belonged to Veronica. Each one had a little cabinet beside her bed. They wanted to like her. But she did like being the centre of attention.

And she had thrived on their admiration and envy. The girls liked the look of her at once. Amy had no doubt at all that she would soon become a source of great admiration to them. How marvellous! We wondered where you were. She gave a particularly loud sigh and June. June has been telling me all about Malory Towers. She looked happy to be back at Malory Towers. New friends and an old enemy At once a perfect hubbub broke out.

If she made enough fuss. Although the Malory Towers girls seemed much more sensible and down-to-earth than those at Highcliffe Hall. Eager to take centre stage. June might be stubborn.

The new girl had a short. Veronica was simply furious with Darrell. Then she pointed towards the bed with the slippers beside it and asked. I remember. I know that none of the old third formers could stand her. One of the best in the country. Was she being sarcastic? The others were in no doubt at all. Nor did it cross her mind that the girls were only speaking the truth. Veronica had always found it difficult to make friends at school. Pleased with herself.

And what would Amy think of her then? But Veronica only felt even more determined to get back at Felicity for her disgrace last term. She did still bear a grudge against that high and mighty Darrell Rivers. Veronica almost shivered with excitement at the thought. As their voices faded away.

The mean beasts! Not for a moment did it occur to Veronica that it was her own behaviour in the past that had made the third formers despise her. Veronica was quite unable to resist the urge to do a little snooping.

The smug smile slid from her face as she heard what the others thought of her. If she joined the others now they would know that she had overheard them. She preferred to tell herself that none of the girls at Malory Towers were good enough to become her friend. And she was going to have the richest girl in the form for her friend.

The term was really getting off to a good start. With the dormitory all to herself. She took a step towards the door.

Darrell and their parents. The family looked very happy. But that would only end in Veronica feeling even more humiliated. Tears of anger and self-pity sprang to her eyes and she turned red with humiliation. A sneer crossed her face when she heard the others greet that horrid June. But now. How Veronica disliked that girl — and how she would love to take her down a peg or two!

She had just finished washing her hands in the bathroom when she had heard the third formers enter. As she listened. It was a relief when she heard the others leave. Part of her wanted to storm out of the bathroom and confront the third formers. Veronica decided that she would go all out to win Amy over at teatime.

She was sure to be head-girl. Then Veronica heard her own name mentioned. When they reached the pool. This was typical of Veronica. But that would be a mistake. But the weather is still quite warm for September. Veronica ran her hand over it. But Amy refused to go near him.

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Freddie went into ecstasies over Jack. It was a real pleasure. The rest of the third form. A bottle of expensive French perfume stood on the cabinet and a very pretty pink dressing-gown had been placed. And Amanda! For now she meant to concentrate on making a friend of Amy. She had been a superb sportswoman. So inviting! I could dive in right now. It was heated. What a bit of luck that the new girl had chosen the bed next to hers!

The new girl seemed genuinely thrilled to be at Malory Towers. Carefully she replaced the photograph and walked over to the bed next to hers. But poor. At the stables. There would be plenty of time for her to teach Felicity a lesson — after all.

She was a tall. The younger girls liked her enormously and felt certain that she would be a worthy successor to Darrell. Amanda had become a much nicer person and the girls. After all. I think Miss Grayling has made two jolly good choices there. Amanda greeted the third formers cheerily. Almost overnight. I was just about to say exactly the same about you. I wonder who will be head of the form? The strong current had thrown her on to the rocks.

So I hope all you youngsters are going to work hard for me. But she would lead us all into trouble! It would have been very easy for her to have moped about. Then she gave a sigh. Amanda had learned a hard lesson when she broke the rules of the school and went swimming in the sea. As the third formers went on their way. Susan said to Felicity. And they were very pleased to see that the slight limp. Julie — ah. I know that one of you is called Winifred. The third formers looked surprised but — thinking that perhaps the girl had decided to turn over a new leaf.

I should not like you to think that you were in trouble. So when Veronica touched her arm and said in a friendly way. I see that we have some new girls.

Something from one of your English nursery rhymes. She was standing slightly apart from the others and. The first night A most delicious supper had been laid out in the dining-room. That must be Freddie. There was the most scrumptious-looking fruit salad with cream for afters and. The good Miss Potts told me to expect you. The girls eyed her a little warily. Two people were already seated at the third-form table.

So she accepted this with a shrug and said. And you. Veronica glanced at the two new girls. Each of the long tables was set with big plates of cold meat. Pleased that there was at least one person in this horrid school who appreciated her. Veronica began to engage the new girl in conversation. They have a very childish sense of humour. I have it! Even sourpuss Veronica had to hide a smile. As for the rest of the third formers — well. Potty looks annoyed. Perhaps Veronica really had changed her ways.

All except Amy. She also looked rather bad-tempered. I do not think that I have heard it before. But somehow June doubted it. Veronica had never been one of her favourites. Quite a decent sort. June would have felt quite certain that Veronica was sucking up to Amy because of her wealthy background. Amy began to thaw and chatted quite pleasantly with Veronica.

Veronica seized her chance and murmured in a low tone. Freddie decided. The suppers here are jolly good. I am sure that you must all be fatigued. In fact. Bonnie is quite well enough to come to school now. And no wonder. As soon as you have finished your meal. But as for going up straight after tea. When she covered her mouth suddenly to stifle a yawn. The bold. But Veronica seems determined to stick to Amy like glue! And I. Miss Peters knows you too well. Veronica opened her mouth to make an angry retort.

Apart from Veronica. I am putting you in charge for tonight. As she was to be head of the form. Only the head-girl will be able to do that.

It would be as well. But none of the third formers intended to take orders from Veronica until it was announced that she was head-girl. Miss Potts. I suppose. Get to sleep at once. Susan had been on the verge of telling them to be quiet herself. I heard you whispering to Amy after lights-out!

You both know very well that no talking is allowed after lights-out. Who is head of the dormitory? What you do have is an inflated sense of your own importance.

The mistress would do what was best for the third form — and what was best. Not the bold. Veronica felt happier and settled down contentedly under the bedclothes. For the first time. Veronica was sure. Veronica curled her lip scornfully. As new girls. As if either of them had the strength of character or the air of authority necessary to lead the third form!

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Having ruled out her new form-mates as rivals. Pam had already had her turn. Could June have been right in saying that Miss Peters would not make her head of the form? Miss Peters had a good deal of common sense and would not allow her personal feelings to influence her decision. Not that Amy seemed very grateful. My goodness. It would be just too humiliating if Miss Peters did send her out of class to remove her bracelet.

Veronica noticed that the girl had placed a photograph on her cabinet and. From this. Normally she would have held her tongue. She shall be punished for wearing those! It was obvious that Amy had inherited her looks from her father. And how handsome your father looks. Veronica watched in admiration as the new girl brushed out her shining hair. Amy cheered up at once at this praise of her parents and said.

I say. Veronica had already boasted to her about how she was certain to be made head-girl. On the one hand. Her mind working swiftly. Horrid little snob! But on the other. You must meet them at half-term. I would have loved to see your tricks. June turned to the others and said in a low voice. Especially with people like Veronica and Amy — and sometimes even June herself!

Miss Grayling always sees the new girls on the first day. I have a box of tricks in the dorm that my cousin. Julie — it will be such fun! Felicity felt put out. Freddie and Amy. The North Tower girls greeted them cheerily. June was pleased to see that Freddie had managed to bag herself a seat in the coveted back row. Freddie and Veronica were already there. Felicity and Susan took the desks in front of them. East and West Towers came in.

Then she gave a crow of laughter and said.

There was a babble of noise as the girls chattered away to one another. Veronica and Amy sat next to each other. Nora and Julie found three seats together across the aisle from the others. June began to read the writing on the label. Miss Peters. Whoever uses the soap will find that their face and hands turn a dirty.

Miss Peters is coming. As the others looked at it. She has always been less sure of herself than Darrell. I feel that if she was made head-girl she would certainly seize the opportunity and make the most of it. I think that the time has come for Felicity to shine. Yet she is a very strong. I am sure that you are all eager to know who is to be head of the form. And I think that she has a great deal to offer the school. I have always felt that young Felicity was a little overshadowed by her older sister.

She would have been a most unpopular choice! What do you think? She certainly has good stuff in her. Miss Peters and Miss Parker. I believe that Felicity could be as big a success here as Darrell was. Darrell was so popular. Of course. The other girl who was unable to speak was Felicity herself! For a moment. Felicity felt that she would burst with pride and happiness. But Felicity was wrong. Then Susan had given her a hug that almost pulled her out of her seat.

To think that Felicity Rivers. Felicity vowed silently that she would be the best head-girl any form had ever had — even better than Darrell! Nothing would go wrong while she was in charge. Veronica would almost have preferred that dreadful June as head-girl! And worst of all. And what a super term this was going to be.

She must write to her parents tonight — and Darrell. Felicity Rivers.

At that moment. And as long as she has Amy for her friend. But there were irritations too. I can see that. And now that she was head of the form. Felicity spoke to Susan about it at tea one afternoon. The girls stared at her in astonishment as she cried. As for Veronica herself. A shock for Felicity The first week of term simply sped by. And the more time the two of them spend together.

Amy remained aloof and stand-offish. Bonnie Meadows.

A first former. Life at Malory Towers was full. Then she slipped into the seat that Susan had just vacated. So he talked Mother into letting me come here. The others. Sit down. I shall leave it to you to help her settle in. She turned her attention to Bonnie and asked.

Do introduce us!

And perhaps we could have some more cake. Bring it over. Felicity and Susan. Pam thought her rather sweet. Bonnie turned her sweet smile on the French mistress and thanked her prettily.

I noticed that she was always doing her hair. It must be dreadful to have to make all your own dresses though. Felicity bit her lip. Felicity and Susan took Bonnie up to the dormitory to unpack her things. Come over here. Bonnie followed Amy. Whatever was she to do? After tea. And we both know how persistent she can be. Bonnie came here because she wanted to be with you. She pulled out a pretty floral-patterned dress. I do believe you have an idea!

I made this one as well. Amy was there. Where did you get yours from? And anything that annoys Veronica is fine with me! Bonnie left the table and came over to join Felicity and Susan.

Veronica is…well. Now was the time to put their plan into action. You see.

How would it be if I made a point of asking Bonnie to befriend Amy. Veronica also made no secret of her admiration. Amy saw her looking and smiled. Amy is cutting herself off from the rest of us and missing the chance to make other friendships. I really think that it would be very good for her and I would be so grateful to you. If she was honest with herself. I was glad to see you getting on so well with Amy. Veronica was sitting in a corner alone. I see what you mean.

Quickly Felicity and Susan told the two girls their plan. I wanted to show Freddie my box of tricks before bedtime. But it was some time before Felicity herself managed to get to sleep. Bonnie lost no time in getting to work. But it would be nice to have Bonnie as a friend too. I do so hate having to tie my hair back for school.

Felicity sighed and turned over in her bed. I learned how to do it in the holidays. Then Bonnie would follow Felicity around like a lost puppy.

But Amy brushed her aside and said. And that would result in an order mark for the whole form. Felicity had expected Bonnie. You and Amy can carry on your conversation in the morning.

Felicity had ticked the two of them off about it at first. I simply must show you a new way of braiding your hair in the morning. Why did Bonnie have to turn up now? Just as things seemed to be going so well! Amy thought that she would get Bonnie to make her one of her exclusive dresses too. But soon it was time for lights-out and Felicity called out. And what if her plan to get the girl to chum up with Amy failed? But not all of the teachers were fond of Bonnie. The blunt. She quickly became popular with the third form.

The only thing Amy is any good at is French. Bonnie was not much better than Amy at lessons but. Miss Linnie. Bonnie had never been swimming in her life. The new girls settle in The three new girls each settled down in their own way.

But she was not quite as bold and daring as June. Amy did. Freddie had a quick brain and could have done extremely well at lessons. As for Miss Maxwell. Please get out of the pool at once and get dressed! Felicity lost her balance. Bonnie did have her good points. How dare you say things like that about Felicity? Bonnie let out an ear-splitting yell.

She was extremely loyal to those she considered her friends. Miss Maxwell. But Julie. Which was unfortunate for June. If you ask me. She might have her faults. You will learn that poem.

Bonnie got to her feet and piped up. In fact June. You are a bad and disrespectful girl. Before she could do so. Felicity gave a groan. But she glared angrily at Bonnie. I saw her. Tonight you will learn the whole of the French poem we have just started. Felicity moved forward to speak to her. June in a rage was not a pleasant sight. But I did not sneak! Felicity braced herself. Miss Peters wanted to see Bonnie about some prep.

June swiftly recovered and said. Amy was going to be punished for something you had done. A worried expression on her face. I spoke up in front of the whole form. Then the form as a whole will decide if she is to be punished. Throwing Felicity a mocking look. But June had underestimated the new girl. I did nothing of the sort. Only one person was missing. I hope that this will be a lesson to you. Bonnie swept from the room with her little head held high. You could always rely on June to do the unexpected.

The answer to that was easy. Pam and Julie. Even Veronica. Felicity would have to find the strength of character to deal with her in the same way. What would Darrell have done in that situation.

And Felicity. Felicity bit her lip hard to stop herself from laughing. But she did. I need to go and speak to Matron. Felicity made a promise to herself. June had flouted her authority by refusing to allow her. She had felt extremely humiliated at going to bed half an hour before the others, and, the next morning, had recited the French poem to the mistress in a sulky tone. Ah, she was a bad girl, this June, and a little punishment would be good for her.

Nothing ever happens around here! Then we can surprise the others. When are we going to do it? But Freddie decided to say nothing to June, for she was going to give her friend a surprise. And she was going to give the whole of North Tower the biggest laugh it had ever had! Felicity wondered what June and Freddie were up to as the third form dressed the following morning. Freddie had asked June if she could switch the soap bars, and June had agreed. June gave Amy a sidelong glance as she came out of the bathroom, but the magic soap had not begun to do its work yet, and her complexion looked as clean and fresh as ever.

Just you wait, Amy! How clever of her! Yet I washed them this morning. What can have caused this? Most of the others were having difficulty in controlling their mirth as well, and people at the other tables began to notice. Miss Potts took charge, getting to her feet and raising her voice to demand silence.

Now, girls, please finish your breakfast quietly, then make your way to your first lesson.


In fact, June was simply furious with Freddie for stealing her thunder. She was quite happy for Freddie to play second fiddle to her, and to act as her assistant in planning jokes and tricks, but she, June, was the joker of the form and no one was going to take that position away from her. Where another girl might have taken pleasure in getting top marks in class, or for her sporting achievements, all June cared about was.

I think I heard something. Freddie was going to have to learn that there was only room for one joker in the third form. Much as she liked the girl. The Malory Towers girls were very fond of Bill and Clarissa. She walked into the cloakroom to find Felicity and Susan putting on their hats and coats and said.

But how?

The answer came to June. The girls exchanged startled glances and Felicity said. Mrs Dale was just a nice. Soon she reached the branch the frightened Sooty was on. And when he married my daughter. That silly cat of mine has been climbing the apple tree. I wonder if you know her? Her name is Amy Ryder-Cochrane. Mrs Dale. I daresay a few visits from Amy would cheer her up no end.

The girls. I have no intention of saying anything to Amy. She gave a sigh. Mrs Dale sounded quite matter-of-fact about the whole situation. I expect they would. I hoped that I might get a glimpse of her now and then. I admit that when I learned she was coming to school here. It was left to the outspoken June to say what they were all thinking. Mrs Dale seems such a nice woman.

Felicity can be dreadfully pi at times. She looked up to the other girl no end. It means letting someone else in on the secret. Lifting her chin. Poor Mrs Dale! I did think of an idea to help her.

So I thought it would be rather a splendid idea if we could get someone else to pretend to be Amy. It needs someone really bold and daring to carry it off. Do tell. All we would need to do is choose someone fair — like you. She might be a little scatterbrained. No one ever uses it. The old lady opened it. Do come in. Freddie had no choice but to do as she was told. Freddie had no grandmother of her own. Everything had gone just as she had hoped! June prodded her sharply in the back and. But when the two girls met up outside the dining-room just before tea.

And I insisted that June brought me to meet you. Just wait until she caught up with June later!

June had promised that she would stay and that she. I know. Freddie seemed to have got over her ill temper.

Unseen by Mrs Dale. But it was too late — June was already out of the door. Freddie said. Within moments. Freddie would be simply furious with her. The more the two saw of one another. Amy picked up a pot of cream from her cabinet and removed the lid. Strangely enough. I have a use for it all right. The victim. Even so. The girl was extremely vain about her complexion and possessed a marvellous array of lotions and potions.

Even Veronica was looking forward to it. All the same. The third formers listened raptly as June explained what she intended to do. June had a plan of her own to carry out — one that Freddie did not play a part in. The room was home to old books. That evening. She was forever smearing something or other on to her face and the others often teased her about it. Then she went and retrieved it from the basket. So spending time with Mrs Dale had been a novel experience for the girl.

Or your mother.

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Freddie might be enjoying herself now. June had been trying to think up a trick of her own — and this time she was determined that the glory would be hers and hers alone. Once Freddie had got over her nerves a little. I do wish that you would make something for me. How am I going to get out of it? June had managed to snatch a few minutes alone with Freddie before prep and the girl said in a worried tone.

Instead she replied vaguely. Poor Freddie had so much on her mind that she was in no mood for jokes and tricks. If you will do something for me in return. I just took a long walk along the coast road and the sea air has really made me feel sleepy. June was watching her friend too — but she knew exactly what was bothering her! Freddie had hardly touched a thing at teatime. Everything was working out just as she had hoped!

The third formers had a lot to look forward to. I shall. Veronica frowned. She would have to put her thinking cap on. And she had something else on her mind. Veronica needed to come up with a plan to keep her parents away so that she might spend the day with Amy and her people.

How could a term that had started so promisingly have gone so wrong? With half-term almost upon them. Someone who was not happy with this arrangement. It seemed that Amy and Bonnie were growing closer. And in the meantime. She returned all that work I did in prep the other night — pages and pages of it — and expects me to redo it all and hand it in to her at the end of the week. Bonnie nodded.Miss Peters had a good deal of common sense and would not allow her personal feelings to influence her decision, Veronica was sure.

She had felt extremely humiliated at going to bed half an hour before the others, and, the next morning, had recited the French poem to the mistress in a sulky tone. Amanda was there exactly on time too. I know, and Im really looking forward to starting university, said Darrell. Encouraged, Veronica began to engage the new girl in conversation, asking her a great many questions, showing enormous interest in her answers, and making her admiration quite clear.

Just when you think it's over, June plays another outrageous prank, or another surprising secret is revealed about one of the girls. But it was too late.