1. Lesson 1: Basics of Accounting. Introduction. Accounting is a process .. fepipvawoobig.cf 9 is the world's fastest and most powerful concurrent. Tally eBook for Beginner - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read In this example, make a payment voucher for the amount Rs. 1,00, Tally Financial Accounting Program Volume 1 - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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download TallyGURU Volume 1: Advanced Taxation | Manufacturing | Data Management: Read site Store Reviews - fepipvawoobig.cf PAGE NO. 1. Basic Principles of Accounting. 2 – 4. 2. Golden Rules of Accounting. 5 – 5. 3 of business transactions, the amount recorded should be the lower. ERP 9: Get GST Ready eBook: Tally Education Private Limited: fepipvawoobig.cf: site Store. TallyPRO Volume 1: Accounting|Inventory|Banking|Reports.

However, when the number of voxels in the simulated patient anatomy is large, the computation time for a mesh tally can become prohibitively long.

The purpose of this work was to test the feasibility of using lattice tally instead of mesh tally for whole-body dose reconstructions. We did this by comparing the dosimetric accuracy and computation time of lattice tallies with those of mesh tallies for craniospinal proton irradiation. For a typical craniospinal proton treatment field, simulation speed was 4 to 17 times faster using the lattice tally than using the mesh tally, depending on the numbers of proton histories and voxels.

We conclude that the lattice tally is an acceptable substitute for the mesh tally in dose reconstruction, making it a suitable potential candidate for clinical treatment planning. Keywords: dose reconstruction, lattice tally, mesh tally I. The most commonly used approach in MCNPX to record dose distributions is the mesh tally, a method of scoring a quantity of interest on an artificial grid overlaid on the problem geometry.

Our group has previously reported on the use of MCNPX to simulate both therapeutic doses and stray radiation doses for patients receiving proton therapy. However, the long simulation times associated with this method were problematic.

An alternative approach is the lattice tally, which is based on the repeated structures feature in MCNPX.

We therefore sought to investigate using the lattice tally to reduce Monte Carlo simulation times for whole-body dose reconstruction in proton therapy. In addition, we sought to quantify the level of dosimetric agreement between the lattice and mesh tallies. Consulting Revenue Direct Income Rs. Kapur raised an invoice for Rs.

Silver Services paid the balance amount of Rs. Consulting Revenue Rs. Advance Consulting Revenue Rs. Kapur paid salaries by cheque for May Salary Exp. This includes Rs. Raj Travels Sundry Creditors Rs. Kapur paid mobile phone bill amounting to Rs. Telephone Exp. Kapur paid Rs..

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Electricity Exp. Cash Ms. NO Alfatech Solutions Sundry Debtors Rs. Kapur subscribed for the Management Consultant journal by paying Rs.

The subscription period is from July to June Kapur paid salaries for June by cheque. Salary advance paid to maya nair is adjust the salary paid.

Salary Ex. Salary Advance Rs. Kapur paid office rent by cheque for June Kapur received Rs. Alfatech Solutions Rs. Kapur reimbursed conveyance bills for Rs. Withdrawals Rs.

Kapur paid by cheque Rs. The period of insurance is from August 1, to July 31, Prepaid Insurance Current Assets Rs. Kaspur received Rs.

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Kapur paid salaries for July by cheque. Kapur paid office rent for Jauly by cheque. Kapur pasid DRs. F5 Payment Dr. The terms of credit are 30 days. MediaLive Productions Rs. Discount Exp. Alfatech Soluction Rs. Kapuir paid salaries for August by cheque. Since Maya Nair was on leave for 15 days.

She was paid one half- months salary. Kapur paid office rent for august by cheque.

Kapur received invoice for Rs. Cab hiring Exp. Tour Exp. Raj Travels Rs. Pyament Dr. Payment Cr. Consulting revenue Rs. Level 1 Dr. Kapur paid office rent for September by cheque. Kapur paid salaries for September by cheque. Offic Maintenance Exp.

Kapur downloadd stationery items worth Rs. Kapur introduced further capital into the firm by bringing in cash of Rs. Kapur capital Rs. Kapur deposited cash amounting Rs. Kapur reimbursed conveyance bills amoiunting to Rs. Kapur entered into a contact with Planet Consultancy for providing services at an agreed price of Rs.

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HDFC Bank Level 1 November SL. The includes Rs. Kapur paid salaries for October by cheque. Kapur paid office rent for October by cheque.

Planet Consultancy terminated the contract and advance of Rs. Kapur that the cheque of Trishul Software Solutions for Rs.


Intimation to this effect was sent to Trishul Software Solution and they promised to pay the amount in few days. December Kapur paid office rent for November by cheque. Kapur paid salaries for November by cheque,.

Kapur received invoice from Raj Travels for Rs. Kapur downloadd Rs. The assets does not have any disposal value after its useful life of 6 year. Kapur raised invoice for Rs. January Kapur paid salaries for December by cheque.

Page 17 of Kapuir paid salaries for January by cheque. Kapur paid office rent for February by cheque. Kkapur received Rs. The services had already been provided in march Kaur paid office rent for March by cheque. Kapur paid salaries by cheque for March Ans.

Kapurpaid Rs. The bills pertain to March The bill pertains for February and March Date of Value to Useful Annual No.

Closing stock of stationery consumables on 31st, March is Rs. Transfer balance of withdrawals account to Nandini Kapurs capital account.

Flag for inappropriate content.Most service organization does not deal in inventory and therefore, do not need to maintain inventory record.

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Fernando Cortes. Abatement is either percentage of the service charges or a lump sum value. An expense can remain unallocated to other cost centres. Paid Leave Under: