Jeremy Robinson is the international bestselling author of fifty novels and novellas including MirrorWorld, Uprising, Island , SecondWorld, the Jack Sigler. DOWNLOAD Project Hyperion: Volume 4 (The Nemesis Saga) By Jeremy Robinson [PDF EBOOK EPUB site] DOWNLOAD Project Hyperion: Volume 4 . Read {PDF Epub} Download Callsign - Tripleshot (Jack Sigler by Jeremy Robinson from the story Prove by minnaminnieguidi84 with 0 reads. bank, nearly, .

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The Others by Jeremy Robinson. October 31, fiction. The Others by Jeremy Robinson. English |EPUB |KB. Download. Still recovering from the tragic loss of a good friend, Jack Sigler, callsign: King, leads the Chess Team—a crew of former Delta operators—back into action. A World Out of Time by Larry Niven We Are Legion by Dennis E. Taylor The Unincorporated Man by Dani Kollin Infinite by Jeremy Robinson The Door Into.

I love the way that Jeremy Robinson and Sean Ellis create a richly detailed world and fill it with characters that feel like old friends to those of us that follow this series. I always hate finishing a Chess Team novel because I don't want the story to end.

I can't wait for the next one!! I would highly recommend that if you haven't read these books yet you RUN not walk to your nearest bookstore and get started.

You are missing out on some amazing stories. A fast paced and fabulous 5 star read. Feb 10, Terry Parrish rated it it was amazing. Another fantastic read by these authors. Although cannibalism has been around, it wasn't quite like this.

Jeremy robinson antarktos rising epub books

Some crazy characters in this book, like the leader of the cartel. The Lost Colony is a subject that people have been hunting for for years. Don't think they could imagine something like what happens in this book happening for real, or the reason it was lost in the first place.

In order to find out what happens, read the book. You won't regret it! Feb 10, Linda Collins rated it it was amazing. Get ready for the ride of your life.. I might be biased but the best Chess Team book ever!!!

Jeremy Robinson and Sean Ellis have done it again It blends the old with the new, from Roanoke to present day Every member of Chess Team in here.. Mind blowing book You will not be sorry So prepare to stay up late and start reading Mar 28, Julie Carter rated it it was amazing. What a wild ride - I loved every minute of it! This was such an intense story, although there were parts that made me question my eating choices going forward.

I have read these books out of order, so this is only my third Chess Team book. I am going back to the beginning and reading the rest as soon as I can.

I love the non-stop action in this series. Good story and another interesting cliffhanger at the very end. Apr 17, Warren Thoms rated it really liked it. Heavy into the supernatural with this offering. People after eating tainted meat turn into Wedigos.

Their arms and legs extend to the point that they no longer look human. Jack and the team after taking out a drug kingpin, realize there is more than meets the eye on this. While one a mission, Deep Blue shuts everything down as a over zealous senator looks to take the team or its support down. So they are working without a safety net for the majority of the book. Lots of action with a story that Heavy into the supernatural with this offering.

Lots of action with a story that centers around settlers that disappeared from the new land with one word left for people to find. May 04, Raqual Humphries rated it it was ok. Nov 20, Shawn Deal rated it really liked it Shelves: Another great installment to a high octane adventure series. Jeremy Robinson does not disappoint.

ISBN 0988672545 – Omega (a Jack Sigler Thriller) pdf ePub

Aug 07, Guillermo Mata rated it it was amazing. Excelente historia. May 24, Kelly rated it really liked it Shelves: I've read or listened to every one of them and really enjoy them. I'm not going to go into story details as I don't want to have any spoilers but this is what I class as a techno thriller: My favorite type of book. I downloadd this on audiobook as I was about to do some traveling on my own and am really glad Cannibal by Jeremy Robinson is the 7th full length novel in the the Chess Team or Jack Sigler series.

I downloadd this on audiobook as I was about to do some traveling on my own and am really glad I did. The as always excellent writing combined with Jeffrey Kafers' superb narration I love that mans voice! It also proved useful in making the middle of the night baby feed a lot easier to handle!

The team are back with one member missing and a new one in his place but the dynamics are still there between them as well as with the non chess team members of the 'family' such as Sarah and Ana.

As always they face some supernatural type threat that has a scientific explanation although that doesn't make any less scary or deadly.

The novel flowed well, eventually situated in three different locations but the transitions to the characters in each location was smooth and you were never in any doubt of where you were mainly due to it being clarified in the chapter heading or who was speaking also due to Jeffrey Kafers' skill as an audiobook narrator.

I figure being able to convince the reader that the Hydra see 'Pulse', a previous book in the series is a mythical creature that once was just another species in nature, has to be a sign of a good writing. The climax of the novel left me feeling bereft before the epilogue simultaneously shocked me and assured me that this wasn't the end of one of my favorite techno thriller series. Overall another fantastic offering from Jeremy Robinson, only dropping one star due to the overly patriotic US military references which just annoy me because I wish the UK could be more like that!!

Can't wait for his next book: Feb 16, WH rated it really liked it. Cannibal takes them on a helluva ride from the events of the Roanoke mystery to modern day drug cartels who fancy themselves as an Aztec cult. Several plot threads at first seem out of sync with each other but as the story progresses you see them dovetail into one another. I really liked this book but the only thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars is that the character developments weren't as balanced as previous books.

Usually there seems to be a bit more attention spread out over the entire team. It's not a big deal as I love Knight and obviously what he's going through after Savage needs to be addressed.

By the end of the book the game has changed again for the team and ends with a great cliffhanger. I just hope I don't have to wait till to read the next book. Feb 11, Jamey Goodyear rated it it was amazing. The story is an adventure combining the mythos of the lost colony at Roanoke, the ancient Aztec civilization and a Native American tradition. The Chess Team is once again going after the unknown. This mission will leave them reeling. A treasonous, treacherous senator is working hard to bring down the Chess Team.

It looks like he might just succeed. Additional, his actions set off a biological contaminati Cannibal is the latest in the Jeremy Robinson Chess Team series, co-authored with Sean Ellis. Additional, his actions set off a biological contamination on American soil. I love the Chess Team, after the losses sustained in a previous story one would hope for a better mission than this one is turning out to be. Jeremy and Sean are very successful at drawing us into the story and getting us attached to the characters.

By the middle of the story, I was sad, angry, and unbelieving that what was happening could actually be happening. Feb 10, Dustin rated it it was amazing.

Cannibal, the new Chess Team novel, is a crazy novel, pitting the team against some violent, insidious characters, not necessarily all human. Thrills, chills and action are abound in this seventh full-length book in a fantastic series there's a growing number of cool novellas too. If you've read the others, why stop now?

I'd suggest starting with Prime, though. It's a heckuva a ride!! Feb 17, Mike Pastore rated it it was amazing. Holy crap!

From the beginning of Cannibal, Robinson picked up right where he left off with Savage. The team is involved in some hot action with a drug cartel as they fight for their lives, in more ways than one. Meanwhile, there is some kind of strange outbreak in North Carolina that strangely ties in with the battle the Chess Team faces.

The action was nonstop, and there are a few jaw-dropping developments throughout the story that leave you wanting the next book immediately! You better get wri Holy crap! You better get writing, Mr.

Antarctica - Kim Stanley Robinson

Your fans await the fate of the Chess Team!! Dec 13, Jeff rated it it was amazing.

Meanwhile, they don't know it yet but they are about to face one of their greatest, and gravest, challenges yet. Along the way, the Team will be rocked to its very core unlike ever before So sit down, strap in, and get ready for one of the wildest rides yet from the master of the wild ride. Oh, and unfortunately you will never look at BBQ the same again - a true shame, if you are a Southerner like me who eats it regularly This latest installment is beyond good.

Seriously left me thinking "wow"! There were many times when I actually said out loud "Oh my God! It's insanely fast paced and has many twists and turns. Like each and every ending, it leaves you desperately wanting If you are new to the Chess team and the Jack Sigler Thrillers, I would compare this to when James Rollins was at his best.

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Like each and every ending, it leaves you desperately wanting more with cliff hangers that compare to when we were all wondering who shot J.

Mar 29, Alan rated it it was amazing. For those who are fans of the "Chess Team". Here is another action packed twister that will leave your head spinning with trying to maintain a thought process of all that has happened in this book. The team is just recovering from having lost "Bishop" from the end of the last book and now we may be losing the entire Chess Team by the end of this book. Or will we? You will just have to read the book and find out. Do not worry about falling asleep reading this one, because you will not dare Feb 20, Trevor rated it really liked it.

The Chess team are back, on a routine mission that will have far reaching consequences and leave the team shattered and on the brink!! Another good Cheass team novel, the main character's are well established and make a great team and compliment each other well.

With there world turned upside down, it will be interesting to see how this new direction develops. Already looking forward to the next one. If you're not sure if something is appropriate for the library, please ask in the feedback and content forum. If you don't have permissions to post content yet, just request it here. Search this site: Antarctica - Kim Stanley Robinson.

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As always they face some supernatural type threat that has a scientific explanation although that doesn't make any less scary or deadly. Download it once and read it on your site device, PC, phones or tablets. More videos About Jeremy Robinson.